Terram by Ruudt Peters

Exhibition  /  31 Oct 2015  -  19 Dec 2015
Published: 02.11.2015
Ruudt Peters. Object: TERRAM  Lura, 2015. Silver, renshape. 12 x 5 x 9 cm. Part of: Terram exhibition. From series: IAM. Ruudt Peters
Object: TERRAM Lura, 2015
Silver, renshape
12 x 5 x 9 cm
Part of: Terram exhibition
From series: IAM
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We walk through the world with our feet, but we are not aware that our feet do more than merely transport us. Our feet are necessary tools, but also root us to the ground. I emphasize awareness of my place as jewelry maker in the world of body and mind. Terram helps me to connect between the micro and macro cosmos, between the upper and the underworld. Step on the ground.

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Ruudt Peters
His new work - pendants, necklaces and some brooches - consists of representations of the foot: big and small, flat or spatial, made from earthenware, porcelain, alabaster, hematite or plastic; caged in or cherished by silver wire or leather. Feet are an important motif for Peters, their shape appeared already several times in his previous series. The foot is a symbol with many connotations, in the dictionary the lemma occupies nearly a full page with expressions ranging from 'to dig in one's feet' to 'having feet of clay'. Still, feet can also be warm and sensuous, and that is exactly what Peters' hand-shaped earthenware pendants refer to.

Most of all the interpretations arise from the fact that our feet provide a foundation for our existence, ánd they allow us to venture into the world. By combining such associative meanings with the wearibility of jewellery, Ruudt Peters new work seem almost to be intended to be used as a talisman - TERRAM.

Ward Schrijver
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Ruudt Peters. Pendant: Suelo, 2015. Ceramic, leather.. Ruudt Peters
Pendant: Suelo, 2015
Ceramic, leather.
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Ruudt Peters. Brooch: Toke, 2015. Silver, renschape.. Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Toke, 2015
Silver, renschape.
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Ruudt Peters. Pendant: Jord, 2015. Silver, alabaster, ink.. Ruudt Peters
Pendant: Jord, 2015
Silver, alabaster, ink.
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Terram by Ruudt Peters
Ruudt Peters
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Exhibition view of the Exhibition Terram by Ruudt Peters, at Galerie Rob Koudijs

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