Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery

Exhibition  /  13 Oct 2010  -  08 Jan 2011
Published: 17.08.2010
Dionea Rocha Watt. Pendant: Protection Locket, 2006. Silver, human hair. 3.1  x  5.5 cm. Piece for section History, Memory, Tradition. Dionea Rocha Watt
Pendant: Protection Locket, 2006
Silver, human hair
3.1 x 5.5 cm
Piece for section History, Memory, Tradition
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(...) Think Twice: New Latin American Jewelry, presented by the Museum of Arts and Design from, will feature unique work by nearly 80 jewelry makers, representing over 20 Latin American countries. Think Twice aims to bring the audience a clear picture of the landscape of contemporary jewellery in Latin America and its development in the last 10 years, showing the way in which visual artists and jewellery makers born or living in Latin America view and relate, through jewellery, to such a vast and diverse continent.  (...)