Transition by Réka Fekete

Exhibition  /  25 Apr 2015  -  13 Jun 2015
Published: 14.04.2015

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Being inspired by different cityscapes within and from above, the emerging artist transfers the constant movement into her jewelry. 

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Réka Fekete
Travelling and relocating, and the associated emotional and practical changes: Réka Fekete experiences these intensely.

Leaving things behind and packing, meeting and discovering. Routes, places, buildings and building sites. How do all these relate to each other and to her? Her head is a machine in which outside impressions and the way in which she experiences processes of transition are connected with each other to generate new insights and possibilities. This transition is also evident in her approach to creating jewellery and objects, with maps and routes, constructing and reconstructing. Using individual forms, like letters that have yet to become words. For her jewellery Réka folds and stacks materials such as steel and textile. In her zinc and paper collages she plays with scale, capturing the city as a machine in bird’s eye views.
Brooch by Réka Fekete.
Brooch by Réka Fekete

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Necklace by Réka Fekete.
Necklace by Réka Fekete

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