Exhibition  /  08 Jun 2006  -  05 Aug 2006
Published: 01.02.2007
Galerie V&V
Veronika Schwarzinger
Birgit Marjundi. : Untitled. Birgit Marjundi
: Untitled
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(...) a border zone. A transition situation, critical area, transition from one state into another (...)

Living simultaneously in different spaces - social, spiritual and perhaps also in metaphysical - we nevertheless feel that the phenomena in all of them can be interpreted at least in three different ways.
Besides in the direct literal sense also allegorically, symbolically, metaphorically, and then there is that hidden meaning that names ordinary things, but in fact denotes the hidhest, which belongs to the spiritual world.

Choosing twilight as the subject of our co-operation project, we had in mind the possibility to interpret this as a straightforward physical phenomenon, connected with light, but also provide it with metaphorical interpretation, concerning human psyche on the axis of consciousness- the subconscious.

Art largely feeds on the subconscious. It is possible to find vague expression, but remain precise at the same time.

Twilight is a border zone. A transition situation, critical area, transition from one state into another, where all manifestations are more acute. Just like night opening into the morning, a moment before daybreak, utmost silence, every crackle audible. All of a sudden it is very cold. Like the balcony where the house becomes a non-house. Or a border zone, custom area, wgere one country becomes another, and you must be alert. This is an edge, a boundary, surface tension situation when passions flare the most.

In the border zone of twilight our eye is more open to imagination.
Twilight brings out the border of figurative and imaginative. What I see and what I think I am seeing. What lies behind the visible.

Bright light usually hurts more then darkness, in bright light the dimension of depth might get lost. The stronger the light the deeper the shadow. First there is shadow then light emerges and can change the appearance of things.
It is possible that twilight, the intermediate state, is the most generous to an artist, promising a susceptible frame to the images that come from within us.

Kadri Mälk

Exhibition is curated by Mangred Bischoff (Alchimia) and Kadri Mälk.

Kertu Tuberg. : Untitled. Kertu, Tuberg. Kertu Tuberg
: Untitled

Kertu, Tuberg

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Rudolf Kocéa. : Untitled. Rudolf, Kocéa. Rudolf Kocéa
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Rudolf, Kocéa

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Marita Lind. : Untitled. Marita, Lind. Marita Lind
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Marita, Lind

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Andrea Winkler. : Untitled. Andrea, Winkler. Andrea Winkler
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Andrea, Winkler

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