Two times ten

Exhibition  /  25 Oct 2018  -  17 Jan 2019
Published: 19.10.2018
Two times ten.
Christiane Weber-Stöber

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Ten Years Well Sorted - Ten Years Pforzheim Revisited is in simple terms: two times ten. Presented are selected works by the alumnus Andi Gut, professor at the Hochschule Pforzheim.

Artist list

Frieda Dörfer, Katrin Feulner, Aaron Fischer, Lucas Grewenig, Andi Gut, Stephanie Hensel, Mirjam Hiller, Jasmina Jovy, Stephanie Rasch, Julia Walter
10 years Pforzheim Revisited.
In this project, students and specialists work together on a contemporary interpretation of historical manufactural techniques.

10 years well-sorted .
Andi Gut, jewelry design students, and graduates express the diversity of their school, Pforzheim University, School of Design, Jewelry Department.

Pforzheim Revisited is part of the overall project Manufactural Jewelry Design that is conducted cooperatively by the Hochschule Pforzheim and the German Museum of Technology Berlin. In 2015, the project was awarded by the German Commission for UNESCO for its preservation of immaterial cultural heritage.
Almost fully forgotten techniques of the jewelry industry like guilloche or punching were rediscovered by Dr. Gabriele Wohlauf, former head of collections for production techniques at the German Museum of Technology Berlin. In cooperation with jewelry designers of the Hochschule Pforzheim, the workgroup "Jewelry connects" was founded. All participants were introduced to jewelry manufacturing technologies. Prof. Andi Gut was appointed head of this Pforzheim project, ten years ago.

To this day, students and retired specialists work together on a contemporary interpretation of historical handicraft technologies. Cross-generational exchange, the conservation of knowledge and experience, as well as the revival of old techniques, are the main concerns of this cooperation. The jewelry designers in the environment of the Hochschule Pforzheim have rediscovered nearly forgotten techniques like embossing, sand casting and guilloche. Integrated into the modern design of their work, many of these manufacturing processes were newly interpreted.
The exhibited works express the diversity of the Hochschule Pforzheim and show works of students like Frieda Dörfer, Mirjam Hiller, Katrin Feuler, and Julia Walter that dedicate themselves to the project Pforzheim Revisited.
Mirjam Hiller. Brooch: Luftschloss, 2018. Stainless steal, powder coating.. Photo by: Mirjam Hiller. Mirjam Hiller
Brooch: Luftschloss, 2018
Stainless steal, powder coating.
Photo by: Mirjam Hiller
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