Twosome by Margit Hart and Fritz Maierhofer

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2024  /  29 Feb 2024  -  22 Mar 2024
Published: 19.02.2024

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More than any other artistic medium, contemporary jewelry art is able to spark a dialogue between two people. This is because the person wearing the jewelry brings an artistic message into the public space with courage and enthusiasm, forcing every other person to react to the body decorated with a work of art. Art education takes place here in a subversive way, far removed from the shielded white cubes of contemporary museums. 
Margit Hart and Fritz Maierhofer are united by their passion for creating pieces of jewelry that demand reactions and reflections. They create works that transcend borders and refer beyond themselves. With jewelry objects and sculptures made of acrylic, pewter, silver and gold, Corian and enamel, Fritz Maierhofer has been one of the pioneers of a new jewelry art since the late 1960s, which he first pursued in London and later in Vienna.
After intensive studies in the USA in the 1990s, Margit Hart developed highly sophisticated series of sculptural brooch objects with industrial enamel as well as pictorial brooches with photographic elements based on genuine experiments with this pictorial medium. Quittenbaum Gallery is delighted to be able to present a wide-ranging overview of the work of these two fascinating artistic personalities, who live and work side by side, in the exhibition ‘Twosome’. In this exciting juxtaposition, an understanding of the respective subtleties of their artistic concepts emerges.

The two publications Fritz Maierhofer · Mountains and Margit Hart · Mindscapes will be available at the gallery.

Opening event:
Wednesday, 28 Feb. 16:00–19:00 h

Opening hours during Schmuck:
29.2 - 3.3.2024 12:00–18:00 h