Ulla and Martin Kaufmann: Different from

Exhibition  /  15 Aug 2010  -  28 Oct 2010
Published: 14.07.2010
Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V.
Ulla & Martin Kaufmann. Ring: Gewickelt, 2001. Silver, gold. Ulla & Martin Kaufmann
Ring: Gewickelt, 2001
Silver, gold
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(...) In this exhibition which the artists have conceived for the German Goldsmiths’ House, models that strikingly document the production process of individual works as well as one-of-a-kind pieces can be viewed. (...)

Artist list

Ulla and Martin Kaufmann
Ulla and Martin Kaufmann (b. 1941) have been freelance artists creating jewelry and silverware in their joint workshop in Hildesheim, Germany, since the 1970’s. With their austere, frankly minimalistic conceptualized designs for hollowware, art objects, and flatware, they have set important accents in the field of international silverware. Hollowware titled Cone, Tower, Architecture, or Large Pot indicate the spatial development of their artistic concept that is also evident in bowls, beverage pots, or candelabra. In flatware and kitchen utensils such as a garlic press, spaghetti tongs, or whisk, which are produced in cooperation with silver manufacturers, functionality and extremely reduced design have been cleverly harmonized. 

In jewelry, the emphasis is on the forging of gold or platinum bands with the intention of stretching the limits of do-ability. Jewelry for the neck, arm, and finger thrive on technical perfection and sensitive materiality. 
Ulla & Martin Kaufmann. Piece: Grazie, 2006. Silver. Ulla & Martin Kaufmann
Piece: Grazie, 2006
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Ulla & Martin Kaufmann. Piece: Twin Select Explosion, 2000. Silver. Ulla & Martin Kaufmann
Piece: Twin Select Explosion, 2000
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Ulla & Martin Kaufman. Piece: Konus, 2004. Silver. Vase with trowel. Ulla & Martin Kaufman
Piece: Konus, 2004
Vase with trowel
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