(UN) Locked by Mari Ishikawa

Exhibition  /  20 Aug 2021  -  05 Sep 2021
Published: 19.07.2021
Mari Ishikawa. Neckpiece: (UN) Locked, 2021. Silver925, brass, garnets, silk, japanese lacquer.. Mari Ishikawa
Neckpiece: (UN) Locked, 2021
Silver925, brass, garnets, silk, japanese lacquer.
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Munich-based jeweler Mari Ishikawa captures the beauty of fleeting moments in everyday life and visualizes them as jewelry, giving us the opportunity to recognize the many moments we miss. (UN) Locked is based on a key that was actually used in Germany. The small but solid presence of a key that has opened doors many times, densely clad in crimson and jet black, is captivating in its symbolic appearance.