The unexpectedness of daily life

Exhibition  /  23 Jun 2016  -  31 Jul 2016
Published: 08.06.2016

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Every  possible gaze, allows a new approach and constant redefinition of the objects.

Artist list

Mayte Amezcua, Carolina Bernachea, Elvira Bessudo, Raquel Bessudo, Sandra Bostock, Lucia Mishquila Brichta, Cecilia Capisano, Mercedes Castro Corbat, Ana Hirsch, Lorena Lazard, Laura Leyt, Mica Mornaghi, Carol Neumann, Jackie Roffe, Martacarmela Sotelo, Laura Elena Sánchez, Sandra Tamborini, Ana Weisz
The Recoleta Cultural Center presents 18 contemporary jewelers from Mexico and Argentina, exhibiting more than 50 pieces, as a result of the focus placed in unexpected situations, within their daily lives withing their urban routines.

Through the combination of unconventional techniques and materials with traditional jewelry ones, each artist uses a  unique language that is functional to her idea.