A/US by Melissa Cameron

Exhibition  /  03 Sep 2020  -  26 Sep 2020
Published: 31.08.2020
Melissa Cameron. Neckpiece: Arm 7, 2020. Recycled steel rack, stainless steel.. Approx. 80 cm circumference; Ø 0.5 cm. From series: Everything Must Go. Melissa Cameron
Neckpiece: Arm 7, 2020
Recycled steel rack, stainless steel.
Approx. 80 cm circumference; Ø 0.5 cm
From series: Everything Must Go
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This solo exhibition A/US by Melissa Cameron shows recent work influenced by her immigration experience from Australia to the USA. One thing she discovered that connects these places is the scrap steel found on the roads. In each place she collects it, and now she has used it to make jewellery. "With this re-making my experience of place is continually being regenerated, and so continues to influence my present" / Melissa Cameron.