Alchimia 2019 Master & Bachelor.

Variable dimensions, Mixed media

Exhibition  /  29 Oct 2018  -  03 Feb 2018
Published: 29.10.2018
Solène Dejean, Jewellery, 2016. .
Solène Dejean, Jewellery, 2016. 

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The exhibition brings together a different family of works, made by young artists who obtained their diploma in Art-Object between 2013 and 2018 at Haute école des arts du Rhin.

Artist list

Charlotte Achkard, Morgane Beyrend, Roxane Boisserie, Marine Chevanse, Héloïse Colrat, Julie Deck Marsault, Juliette Defrance, Solène Dejean, Clara Denidet, Marine Dominiczak, Sébastien Fritschy, Elise Grenois, Etienne Hubert, Benjamin Just, Alexande Kato, Julie Knaebel, Lucas Laperriere, Sophie Mirra Grandjean, Pierre-Louis Peny, Elise Planhard, Claire Pontié, Cannelle Preira, Lisa Pélisson, Jamila Wallentin, Ya Wen Shih, Huiyu Yan
The Art-Object option is a singular formation of the University of Arts of the Rhine - institution of higher artistic education under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture - bringing together the workshops Bijou, Wood, Book, Metal, Earth / Ceramics and Glass some of which date back to the origins of the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts in 1892.

During their training, the young artists approach the notion of an object in its relation to contemporary art, materials and typologies of unexpected forms based on very advanced know-how. The Art-Objet option is based on a strong transversality between its six workshops, which makes it unique in Europe.

The exhibition "Variable Dimensions, Mixed Media" brings together a family of works produced by young artists who have obtained their National Diploma of Advanced Expression of Plastic Expression (DNSEP, master degree) in Art-Object, since 2013. The range of their Approaches provides insight into the crossovers, hybridizations and artistic shifts that develop at the crossroads of contemporary jewellery, artist books and experimental practices with wood, metal, ceramic and glass materials.

From installation to sculpture, from crafts to performance, the selected works are traversed by a sort of tremor that they share by questioning their identity Object. Each showcase makes it possible to articulate in counterpoint works that play with the body, others with space or temporalities.

In the exceptional space of the Palais-Royal showcases, Variable Dimensions, Mixed Media puts a spotlight on a young generation of artists associated with the link to their training. Without claiming a school effect, we are not sure of many surprises. A shared artistic tension develops between their works, a kind of touch that crosses their different formal universes.


Every day from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm.
View of the exhibition..
View of the exhibition.

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Several pieces by Lucas Lapperiere, Benjamin Just and Lisa Pelisson..
Several pieces by Lucas Lapperiere, Benjamin Just and Lisa Pelisson.

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Several pieces of Sébastien Fritschy and Elise Grenois..
Several pieces of Sébastien Fritschy and Elise Grenois.

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