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Versus. Muestra colectiva de Joyería Artística

Exhibition  /  Joya 2016  /  27 Sep 2016  -  11 Oct 2016
Published: 14.09.2016

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Ten jewelry makers in pairs, meeting each others to do a “face to face” to carry out a project with as inspiration the work of the other. VERSUS is not a confrontation, but it’s the opportunity to work as the other works, trying to understand his point of view, to feel it through our hands.

This event is part of the 8th edition of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair. The fair extends the range of artistic jewellery to the public. For this reason, it has created a jewelry exhibition OFF JOYA circuit in the best galleries and cultural spaces of the city of Barcelona.

Artist list

Paul Adie, Elia Aviñoa, Irene G. Barrera, Halena Bellver, Silvia Casas, Eva Mazana, Mor, Violeta Z. Torres, Blanca Torá Micheli, Belén Vasallo
Versus is not conceived as a comparison but as the possibility of working together: artists with their own hands could making and looking through somebody else's eye, understanding and feeling the companion’s point of view.

As the artists tell us:
Versus is a way of getting in touch with the world of a person who you share a lot of experiences with. We came out from our bubble where we often isolate ourselves: we could be free of trying new things and - in some ways - able to think of ourselves.

During the exhibition and in addition it, the 6th of October we’re going to invite you at the performance by the artist Amira Jalet into the gallery. It will be a night about creative synergies and the same interpretation of the VERSUS concept.


On Thursday October 6th 2016 at 19.00 h, an open door event to anyone who would like to participate actively.

Inferno by artist Amira Jalet will show us her creative process with sculpture.

The idea of creating something in movement came up about one year ago in a middle of the afternoon when artist-jewelry designer Amira Jalet met gallery managers, Costanza Nannoni and Adele Giuntini at Color Triciclo. In a short time they connected to each other and decided  to work together. The first exhibit inspiration was the Amira’s wish of connecting her two creative impulses, Jewelry and Sculpture. In her art process they are not separate: the only difference is about dimension. The Live Art Night  came up by this topic: the wish of sharing opinions about the division among the arts and considering them as a unity, as different aspects of the same person.

By sculpture, Amira show teach us the experimental process of charcoal’s use, its many possibilities and the technique of hardening that she employs to ensure  the preservation of the  art works over time.
The artist always takes care of studying different and unusual materials to create jewelry’s pieces: this year she has chosen charcoal in relation to Dante’s Inferno.
As Amira says: Inferno is something that rises from ashes… it defends the bowels of the strength , the rebirth of what we almost lost, the last roar of a material as if all that remains were ruin.  It dresses up with transformation that almost completely consumed from its inner part and rises as an immortal masterpiece thanks to an explosion of magnificent feature.


Monday to Saturday, 11.00h to 14.30h and 16.00h to 20.30h


27 September from 20h
Paul Adie VERSUS Irene G. Barrera.
Paul Adie VERSUS Irene G. Barrera

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Halena Bellver VERSUS Violeta Z. Torres.
Halena Bellver VERSUS Violeta Z. Torres

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Gal-la Mor VERSUS Blanca Torá Micheli.
Gal-la Mor VERSUS Blanca Torá Micheli

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