A vibrant collage of materials, colours and symbols by Coco Sung

Exhibition  /  26 Apr 2019  -  25 May 2019
Published: 20.04.2019
Coco Sung. Necklace: Beard amulet, 2017. Wood, brass, copper, Swarovski, lacquer, Muhansa seeds.. 10 x 28 cm. Coco Sung
Necklace: Beard amulet, 2017
Wood, brass, copper, Swarovski, lacquer, Muhansa seeds.
10 x 28 cm
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Letters, words and sentences are usually what first comes to mind when you think of communication, but thoughts and feelings can be exchanged in many other ways. The South Korean artist Coco Sung communicate through jewellery. Her objects carry her personality and ideas and when they are viewed or worn by someone else there is a silent communication that connects the artist with that person.