Volker Atrops: Hello Goodbye-News from 25 years

Exhibition  /  12 Sep 2010  -  23 Oct 2010
Published: 14.09.2010
Birgit, LakenNecklace: Leaves, 200618k goldø 20 cm.

Birgit, Laken
Necklace: Leaves, 2006
18k gold
ø 20 cm

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I love jewellery, it’s like the plague. Since I’ve been 16 I live with this malady, it’s embarrassing. I try to keep away from other invalids and keep on going as if nothing ever happened. A lot of sputum has been emitted in the meantime.

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Volker Atrops
As of now Volker Atrops has occupied himself with jewellery for 25 years. What started with picked to pieces rosaries and fishhooks was imperceptibly transformed by a classic goldsmith and art academy education. Along with sketches, photos and books we show the often very simple jewellery works and are looking forward to your curiosity.

A pleasurable voyage into the surprising world of art of Volker Atrops.
Volker Atrops. Necklace: Untitled, 1996. Plastic. 0,9 x 200 cm. Volker Atrops
Necklace: Untitled, 1996
0,9 x 200 cm
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Volker Atrops. Drawing: Untitled, 2010. Paper, paint. 28,5 x 22 cm. Volker Atrops
Drawing: Untitled, 2010
Paper, paint
28,5 x 22 cm
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