Water by Mari Ishikawa

Exhibition  /  20 Jul 2024  -  10 Aug 2024
Published: 05.07.2024

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Jewelers'Werk Galerie is pleased to present WATER, an exhibition of new work by artist-jeweler Mari Ishikawa, where she sees a parallel world through her everyday life and translates them into jewelry. We can’t see anything unless we try. Discovery begins with the sense of sight.

Artist list

Mari Ishikawa
This collection comprises neckpieces, brooches, and rings, all ruminations on water. For Ishikawa, water is a symbol of life, the cycle of life, and most importantly, regeneration. 'I'm working with blue topaz in raw form as a symbol of water. Plants show us the power of rebirth as well. I also work with plants cast in silver to capture this moment. When we realize that the days of stagnation are not forever, the path is already open and transformation has already begun,'  she notes.

Ishikawa sees her jewelry creations as translations of everyday life into a parallel world, in this case of small-scale seascapes. With each of her pieces, Ishikawa tells a story about nature and invites the wearer to become a part of it. Her distinctive use of materials, Japanese knot-tying techniques, and conceptual frameworks create contemplative and ethereal works—small worlds to hold in your hands.

Originally from Kyoto, Japan, Mari Ishikawa studied art and jewelry-making in her native country and later earned a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, where she continues to live and work. Ishikawa has won multiple prestigious international awards and exhibited worldwide. Her pieces are represented in the permanent collections of notable museums throughout the world, including the Museum of Art and Design in New
York City, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Gallery hours: Monday through Saturday 11 am – 5 pm or by appointment.