Weight of Meaning. Exploring Jewelry's Intrinsic Value from Light to Heavy

Exhibition  /  20 May 2024  -  07 Jun 2024
Published: 10.05.2024
Weight of Meaning. Exploring Jewelry's Intrinsic Value from Light to Heavy.
Hannah Gallery
María José Jaramillo, Yinuo Yu
Leo Caballero, Amador Bertomeu

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This interactive exhibition invites you to explore the intrinsic communicative power of jewelry, examining how its materials and appearance convey meaning! What gives weight to a piece? Let's find out.

This exhibition is a result of the research by Maria José Jaramillo and Yinuo Yu, as the outcome of the internship Klimt02.
Opening: May 20, 2024.
Dates: From May 20 - June 7, 2024

Last night at dinner, I awkwardly hugged a lady I just met. My eyes unconsciously stopped on her necklace. Between the fishing wire and glass beads, a strand of hair was stuck and hanging there.
"I made this myself," she said.
"Wow, that's impressive!" I sincerely replied, yet in my mind flashed scenes from childhood when my chin would often get caught in the zipper of my jacket.

In our everyday lives, we perceive reality through a lens shaped by our experiences, backgrounds, and emotions. Factors such as time, place, age, height, skin color and the surroundings influence our understanding and the value we give to a piece. This perspective is something we aim to explore through jewelry in this exhibition.
How many ways can we sense the weight of a piece of jewelry?

Art speaks through its physical traits, yet the mind's interpretation is crucial. Understanding a piece's true weight of meaning transcends mere grams or visual heaviness. In today's fast-paced world, we've inadvertently fostered a culture of superficial thinking. This emphasis on rapid consumption has prevented us from contemplating how we truly understand what we see.

In this exhibition, you are invited to explore the layers of meaning embedded in each piece further than its physical traits because we do not believe that a work of art exists in only one interpretative framework. By immersing yourself in this experience, we hope to reignite a sense of curiosity and mindfulness, fostering a deeper connection between art, perception, and reflection on self and others. We look forward to facilitating discussions on the potential meanings and social value of art within a broader contemporary context, taking 10 carefully selected jewels and exploring them from their weight from light to heavy through the perspective of necklaces.

Process of weighting the pieces

To initiate our call to action, we have initially displayed the pieces by their physical weight. However, the final display will be determined by the outcome of an activity shared on our Instagram stories (and saved in highlights). This interactive approach invites our audience and participants to help shape the concept of this exhibition by engaging in discussions about the diverse interpretations of jewelry, showing the transformation process of the weight of jewels within this discussion.

First display - From light to heavy

How will it work?
  1. To start the exhibition, the jewels have been displayed based on their physical weight from Light to Heavy. 
  2. On Saturdays May 25 and June 1st, you will find an Instagram story where you will see the 10 pieces to order or in these Google Forms
  3. Order the pieces from light to heavy (regarding the concept) - it's anonymous.
    • Remember you can also vote any day of the week replying to the story from the highlight saved in Klimt02´s and Hannah Gallery's Instagram.
  4. Explain to us briefly your decision. Personal interpretations and thoughts are always welcome.
  5. On Fridays May 31st and June 7th, we will change the exhibition install regarding the vote result and show it in our media.
  6. When the exhibition is over, 3 weeks later, we will share the process and results through a publication, 
For any comment or question send a mail directly to or and feel free to use the comments section below to leave any thoughts. 

See you there!