Werkschau Pforzheim University School of Design. Degree Show 2024

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Published: 08.07.2024

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The jewelry department of Pforzheim University is looking forward to welcoming you to their WERKSCHAU in Pforzheim.

All the projects from all departments were created on the cross-disciplinary theme of Desire.
- 3rd-6th semester: Prof. Christine Lüdeke
The ornament of the other
An installation in the Wildpark as a team project with students from Altimbas University, Istanbul, as part of the Ornamenta series on Eros: A relationship to the other – the longing for the "not me" is partly satisfied and creates new insights and impulses.
Please also see for more information about the Ornamental events.

- 3rd-6th semester: Prof. Andi Gut
PF revisited, La Surface Humaine
The latest works on the reinterpretation of manufacturing production methods in collaboration with the experts of the jewelry group 'Schmuck Verbindet' and the Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin can be seen in the faculty building. The project was again supported by C. Hafner, and this time, it also had material from Hermann Staib GMBH.

- The 2nd semester: Prof. Christine Lüdeke
In the development of humans, the mouth plays a major role in exploring the environment. Desires are explored and lead to an internalization of the world in which we live. Desire, joy, enjoyment, exuberance or greed – it leaves no one cold.

There are also many other exhibits from all semesters to discover, in a wide variety of materials and techniques.

Another highlight at the A.K.T is the installation 'Tracer' by the graduate Johann Obermeyer.

Guided tours will be at 2:00h on the 2nd floor of the faculty building with Andi Gut and Christine Lüdeke

In the courtyard of the university, you can enjoy cake, coffee or falafel and other delicacies, cold drinks and meet inspiring people.
And raise a glass with us to the upcoming official launch of our new international Master of Arts in Jewellery.

We look forward to seeing you!

Opening times: Friday 12.07.24: 11.00h - 20.00h
Saturday 13.07.24: 11.00h - 20.00h
Sunday 14.07.24: 11.00h - 16.00h

Faculty building, Holzgartenstraße 36 on the 2nd floor
Alfons-Kern-Turm (A.K.T) in der Theaterstr. 21
Wildpark an der Tiefenbronnerstraße 100 im Rahmen der Ornamenta.