What is it with earrings?!

Exhibition  /  03 May 2019  -  07 Jun 2019
Published: 06.05.2019
Chris Bahng. Earrings: Unexpected Linkages, 2019. 3D printed nylon, paint, 925 silver.. 6 x 2 cm. Series of earrings.. Chris Bahng
Earrings: Unexpected Linkages, 2019
3D printed nylon, paint, 925 silver.
6 x 2 cm
Series of earrings.

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It’s been three years since the last What is it with earrings?! exhibition at Bilk Gallery!  In fact it has been six years since the original title grew from a conversation about this wonderful form of adornment and the frustrated response to the lover of earrings with the exclamation - What is it with earrings?