Winter: a quietly whispering jewellery and corpus exhibition

Exhibition  /  27 Nov 2008  -  31 Jan 2009
Published: 21.11.2008

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The woods are waiting in silence quiet and dark - still. Will winter arrive?
The woods are waiting
in silence quiet and dark - still                                       
Will winter arrive?
- Bo Björkman

Winter is the time for thoughtfulness, recovery, lethargy, stillness and close relationships.
With winter comes darkness but lightness, coldness but warm gatherings, moods and ceremonies.
Colours become white and greyish. The days are white and the nights become black.
Winter and Christmas are both characterized by human behaviour. We see it in the demonstration of family relations in the form of various rituals. We also see it in objects that bear a certain colour scale, has some forms, functions and meanings. The use of certain objects become documents of memories. These documents and things play roles that we can not ignore, given how much time and money we spend on them. We could ask ourselves; What objects are best for this winter? What can we, after all, not do without?
The thirteen jewellery and corpus artists in this exhibition are among the most noted craftsmen on the international scene today.