Winter's Tales

Exhibition  /  14 Dec 2019  -  31 Jan 2020
Published: 10.12.2019

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Jewellery surprise, fascinate and sometimes question the idea of adornment. They also tell timeless stories. Some hold secrets, some celebrate, move to the tears or whisper silent words of love when others tell what we are, our strengths and beliefs.

Artist list

Karin Roy Andersson, Marianne Anselin, Esther Assouline, Donna Brennan, Christophe Burger, Florence Croisier, Ute Decker, Ambroise Degenève, Marine Dominiczak, Patrice Fabre, Flavia Fenaroli, Karen Gay, Jean Grisoni, Emmeline Hastings, Jo Hayes-Ward, Sowon Joo, Josef Koppmann, Daphné Krinos, Marion Lebouteiller, Patricia Lemaire, Michelle Lung, John Moore, Laurence Oppermann, Suzanne Otwell-Nègre, Laurence Ratinaud, Philippe Ratinaud, Agathe Saint Girons, Kayo Saito, Fabrice Schaefer, Oliver Schmidt, Annie Sibert, Martin Spreng, Yolo Takirai, Karola Torkos, Claire Wolfstirn, Cristina Zani
Works by young jewellery designers Emmeline Hastings, Sowon Joo, Michelle Lung and Karin Roy Andersson are being exhibited in France for the first time.

Emmeline Hastings (United Kingdom)
Showing a unique approach to jewellery, Emmeline combines unexpected and contrasting materials in her Bristol studio. Using her signature techniques of hand carving acrylic and embedding it with metallic elements, she creates striking, beautiful and contemporary wearable sculpture. Working in Perspex acrylic, silver and gold, her pieces are light and wearable with mysterious patterns of gold and silver seemingly organic to the form.

Sowon Joo (South of Korea)
She is inspired by nature and the rites of passage that all living creatures experience, Joo creates meaningful jewelry pieces, that offer our dreary modern society a warmer and more meaningful atmosphere.

Michelle Lung (United Kingdom)
Obsessed with anything hand-making based, she likes the challenge of new and unconventional materials in her practice to create new techniques and aesthetics. She’s also fascinated by the crossover of value and want to explore the questionable shift of mentality surrounding value and possessions, Michelle tried to represent the fragmented nature of the digital sphere through using technological means of production like 3D printing, laser cutting and particularly CAD design, creating a technique and design process that could not be achieved just by hand.

Karin Roy Andersson (Sweden)
Karin Roy Andersson is attracted by multiplicity and recurrence. Her jewellery aims at generating harmony and balance through dynamic patterns. To Karin, a big part of art jewellery is communication. When a piece meets an audience the artist’s experiences are mixed with the thoughts and associations of others and the object develops.
Emmeline Hastings. Necklace: Amaru Heart, 2019. 960, 925 Silver, 750 gold, acrylic.. 4.5 x 5 cm. Emmeline Hastings
Necklace: Amaru Heart, 2019
960, 925 Silver, 750 gold, acrylic.
4.5 x 5 cm
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Sowon Joo. Necklace: Fruti, 2019. Oxidized silver.. L: 55 cm. Photo by: Sowon Joo. Sowon Joo
Necklace: Fruti, 2019
Oxidized silver.
L: 55 cm
Photo by: Sowon Joo
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Karin Roy Andersson. Bracelet: Catching Big Fish, 2019. Plastic, thread.. ø 6.5 cm. Karin Roy Andersson
Bracelet: Catching Big Fish, 2019
Plastic, thread.
ø 6.5 cm
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Michelle Lung. Bracelet: Chain Bangle, 2018. Acrylic. 9.5 x 9.5 cm. Michelle Lung
Bracelet: Chain Bangle, 2018
9.5 x 9.5 cm
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Marianne Anselin. Ring: To Our 60th Anniversary, 2018. Gold 750, iron, diamond.. 2.2 x 1 cm. Photo by: Elsa Vanier. Marianne Anselin
Ring: To Our 60th Anniversary, 2018
Gold 750, iron, diamond.
2.2 x 1 cm
Photo by: Elsa Vanier
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Ute Decker. Bracelet: Orbit, 2018. Recycled sterling silver.. ø 10 cm. Ute Decker
Bracelet: Orbit, 2018
Recycled sterling silver.
ø 10 cm
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Kayo Saito. Necklace: Curly Shell, 2019. 925 silver.. L: 45 cm. Kayo Saito
Necklace: Curly Shell, 2019
925 silver.
L: 45 cm
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Yoko Takirai. Pietro Pellitteri. Bracelet: Rio, 2018. Silver, blue pigment.. Yoko Takirai
Pietro Pellitteri
Bracelet: Rio, 2018
Silver, blue pigment.
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