Wood That Can Be Combed

Exhibition  /  20 Apr 2024  -  06 May 2024
Published: 17.05.2024
Manami Aoki. Brooch: Untitled, 2024. Cypress, Silver, Stainless Steel. 5.5 x 2 x 8.5 cm. Photo by: Manami Aoki. From series: Hair of the wood. Manami Aoki
Brooch: Untitled, 2024
Cypress, Silver, Stainless Steel
5.5 x 2 x 8.5 cm
Photo by: Manami Aoki
From series: Hair of the wood
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When creating jewelry, I place a strong emphasis on exploring the potential of various materials. Through an experimental prototyping process, I contemplate the meaning behind the phenomena I discover. It is through this process of conceptualization that I believe powerful and valuable pieces are born, updating our understanding of materials.
/ Manami Aoki