Zeitgenössischer Schmuck

Exhibition  /  12 Mar 2015  -  16 Mar 2015
Published: 05.03.2015
Schmuckgalerie tal 20
Petra Waibel-Grotjans, Elke Sunder Plaßmann

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Galerie tal20 in Munich once again presents a strong duo to coincide with the Crafts Fair. Reulecke & Schwaag, born the same year share fondness for bright colors, painterly gestures and enamel on her aproach to jewellery works.

Artist list

Tabea Reulecke, Danni Schwaag
The subtle humor of Tabea Reulecke’s “ensouled” world of animals and plants has impressed viewers since 2007. Her enamels masterfully combine the skills of a painter and draughtswoman with the contemporary goldsmith’s art. Born in Berlin in 1981, Reulecke studied at the Technical College in Idar-Oberstein, the Estonian Art Academy in Tallinn and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Famous international galleries carry her work, which has won many prizes. After studying in Idar-Oberstein and at Escola Massana in Barcelona, Danni Schwaag from Dülmen began a career as a freelance jewelry creator in Bremen. Born the same year as Reulecke, Danni Schwaag shares Reulecke’s fondness for bright colors, painterly gestures and enamel. But rather than letting ensouled nature predominate, Schwaag highlights geometrical elements and bold chromatic contrasts. As components in the design, this artist also includes informal segments in mother-of-pearl and dried acrylic paint that were “forgotten by the painter”.