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5th edition of AUTOR Magazine Call for Entries

Open call  /  01 Mar 2018  -  18 Mar 2018
Published: 02.03.2018
5th edition of AUTOR Magazine Call for Entries.
Dan Piersinaru
DEADLINE: 18/03/2018

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A magazine about contemporary and art jewelry and its unique relationship to the human body.
Here you are, ready to fill the pages of the 5th edition of AUTOR Magazine - The Reciprocity Issue, to come off the printers in April 2018.
And we need you!
RECIPROCITY = a relation of mutual influence. An ongoing exchange between our physical selves and our possessions on one side, for instance, the objects we choose to adorn our bodies with. An exchange colored by memory, personal fictions, passionate choices, life itself. On the other side, another degree of reciprocity is experienced as an ongoing relation between our bodies and the world that surrounds them.
But reciprocity calls for a certain degree of awareness. Self-awareness to start with. To move from the automatic reaction to the conscious response and mutuality in a relationship, we need to know ourselves. And knowing ourselves requires a desire and courage for an honest dive inwards.

In our last edition of AUTOR Magazine, we talked about jewelry that intensely engages all of our senses. In this edition, we intend to explore RECIPROCITY in contemporary and art jewelry. We, therefore, invite all of you contemporary jewelry artists across the world to share with us and our readers your vision of this. Whether you are artists, designers, makers, storytellers or photographers – this call is for you! Take a dive and answer boldly: Which is your interpretation of RECIPROCITY? Why do you choose Jewelry as a medium? How do you relate to Jewelry? Do you wear Jewelry? If not… Why not? You leave your energy imprint on Jewelry – when you make it, wear it, touch it. Does Jewelry leave its energy imprint on you? How is RECIPROCITY expressed through your work? What happens with your creation in relation to the world?

AUTOR Magazine is about contemporary and art jewelry and its unique relationship to the human body. Touch and be touched… This is your chance to BE the magazine – there are no limits to fame, so be as famous as you can imagine.

SEND: jewelry that stands out, strong visuals, honest writing, authentic voices, unexpected angles, connection, and intimacy. We’re looking for jewelry-related projects, photo editorials, visual or internet art, texts, interviews, confessions.

Submissions will be collected until 18 March 2018.
We will review them and get in touch if the project fits our theme and vision.
Autor Magazine cover.
Autor Magazine cover

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Ted Noten at Autor Magazine.
Ted Noten at Autor Magazine

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Selected content at Autor Magazine.
Selected content at Autor Magazine

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