Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial 2015

Open call  /  02 Oct 2015  -  16 Oct 2015
Published: 02.10.2015
Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial 2015.
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Lan Cuiqin, Gao Wei, Hu Jun
DEADLINE: 16/10/2015

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The exhibition is part of the events planned for 2015 Beijing Design Week. Themed by “Jewelry - Boundless”, this event is designed to showcase how different cultures exchange, integrate, even collide, so as to promote the development of diversified jewelry creation and provide a platform for various artistic design concepts to interact.


Entries are strictly limited to “Jewelry”, and other types of works are unacceptable in principle.
2. Entries should be created in last five years featuring high aesthetic taste and quality.
3. The works should not be bigger than 30cm×30cm×30cm, and a single piece should weigh no more than 1kg. With all its parts seamlessly joined, the whole work should allow no deformation, and have firm texture and be easy to be transported. In case of any special requirements, artists need to contact the organizing committee in advance. The organizing committee has the right to refuse works that don’t conform with the work information sheet, exceed the required size and weight, are noisy, emit noxious gases, leak, cannot be transported or moved to exhibition areas, or are considered dangerous for the audience.
4. Artists are responsible for sending works at their own expenses (including shipping and insurance charge) to the host, while the organizing committee is responsible for sending back the works. During the exhibition, the host undertakes insurance expenses of the works.
5. The organizing committee collects academic papers from participating artists and professionals. These papers should focus on contemporary jewelry culture and can be written by referring to the theme of the exhibition. After the selection by the organizing committee, selected papers are to be published in Collected Papers of 2015 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition.

Ways to Participate and Schedule:
. Artist should log in the registration page of the website  and submit relevant information as required by 12pm on 16th October 2015. Each artist can submit at most 3 pieces for exhibition and photos (in Tiff or Jpeg format, with a resolution higher than 300 dpi and a size bigger than 20cm×20cm) of theses works upon registration. Domestic artist should fill in the registration form in Chinese, while overseas artist (excluding the ethnic Chinese) should fill in English. Registrations received after the closing date will not be accepted.

2. No fees need to be paid for work exhibition and paper selection.

3. Before 26th October 2015, the judging panel of the exhibition will select in accordance with registration materials submitted by artists, and selection results will be sent by mail or telephone to artists in early October. Selected artists should mail their works to the organizing committee before 30th November 2015.

4. The organizing committee of the exhibition reserves the following rights: exhibiting selected works freely, publishing selected papers, photographing exhibits freely and using these photos for free and openly, using personal information and work information filled by artists on the registration form for free and openly.

5. For further information, please visit the official website of the jewelry exhibition or email to .

Host: Executive Committee of Beijing Design Week,Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Organizer: School of art & design,Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Co-organizer: China International Design Industry Union, Beijing Design Society, "Design" magazine

Gao Wei, Hu Jun
Telephone: +86-010-56210898
Address: The Organization Committee of 2015 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial,Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, No.2, East Yinghua Road, North End of Heping St., Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029