Call for papers. Critical jewelry design and contemporary jewelry

Open call  /  18 Jan 2022  -  25 Feb 2022
Published: 15.02.2022
Call for papers. Critical jewelry design and contemporary jewelry.
HSE University Art and Design
DEADLINE: 25/02/2022

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HSE Art and Design School and HSE Doctoral School in Arts & Design invite theoreticians or artists to take part in the international conference «Theories and Practices of Art and Design: sociocultural, economic and political contexts»
This year the conference will be devoted to the future of art and art research in the 21st century. It will also address the role and function of art and design in modern society. The key topics of the conference include: socio-economic contexts of art and design in the 20th and 21st centuries; the institutionalisation of art and design and corresponding educational strategies; museum practices; various facets of artist-curator-viewer-researcher relationship; and most recent research in cultural studies (including media studies, game studies, cinema studies, etc.).
This year will be the first year when the conference will have a whole section dedicated to contemporary jewelry - this section will be moderated by "9 March Project" Team, the creators of "Double Yellow Line" and "9 March Project" contemporary jewelry exhibitions in Russia. What topics do we want to talk about? Critical jewelry design and contemporary jewelry. Where critical design ends and conceptual art starts. Jewelry practices. New technologies and the transformation of materials in contemporary jewelry. Consumerism and market VS emotions and meaning: the transformation of society’s need for jewelry. Performative potential of jewelry. Jewelry, experimental fashion and new corporeality.

Guidelines and application submissions are available here
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Key Dates
25 Feb 2022: Submission deadline
15 Mar 2022: Selected entries will be notified after this date
06 - 08 Apr 2022: Conference dates

Chief conference moderator
Liudmila Aliabieva, HSE Professor and chief editor of Fashion Theory Magazine

Contemporary jewelry section moderators
Katia Rabey, Alexandra Pavlovskaya, Masha Starikova