Call for submissions: International exhibition of contemporary jewelry

Open call  /  12 Nov 2012  -  31 May 2013
Published: 22.07.2011
395, boulevard Charest Est
G1K 3H3 -  Québec
418 524-0354
DEADLINE: 01/09/2011

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Who are the creators of contemporary jewelry and what is the situation of this practice at the international level? This is an open call for an exhibition-event curated by Valérie Côté.
An international exhibition of contemporary jewelry-event curated by Valérie Côté – taking a look at modern craft practice.

In its most conventional use, the jewel's function is to adorn and decorate the body. But more than just a fashion accessory, this object delivers many symbolic contents, thus representing an intellectual challenge for designers operating outside of the realm of traditional gem and jewelry. Now a research subject, the jewel has become an investigative tool in the era of post-modernity.

Whether self-referential, or emerging from an introspective approach or from a social critique, contemporary jewelry goes against mainstream ideas and values. Its somewhat subversive character questions the familiar ornamental function of the object. Various strategies such as developing a dichotomous discourse, the establishment of a dualistic tension, as well as historical resonance contribute to the reflection at the heart of contemporary art, while pushing back the limits of the jewel as it is commonly conceived, whether from a technical, material and / or conceptual perspective.

When developing this exciting discipline, one would ask the following questions: Who are the creators of contemporary jewelry and what is the situation of this practice at the international level? What do these creators offer and what are their main current concerns?  Which are the approaches, techniques and materials that underlie their creations?

This exhibition-event will attempt to answer these questions while highlighting the various ideological avenues which lie beneath the practice at the international level.  A special place will be given to emerging artists coming from the main poles of creation of what is known as "contemporary jewel." The exhibition will feature new and innovative creations reflecting the approach of each selected artist, as well as the research trends in this discipline. This aspect corresponds to one of the main missions pursued by Centre MATERIA since its foundation.

In November 2012, Centre MATERIA will group the works of thirty artists specially chosen for the event. They will be invited to take part in this exhibition by submitting a body of recent works coming within the scope of a comprehensive approach in line with the normal practice of the candidate  and  demonstrating a high skill level.

This is the second exhibition dedicated to the creation of contemporary jewelry to be presented at Centre MATERIA. In 2008, the Centre presented Golden Clogs, Dutch Mountains. Curated by Andrea Wagner, this exhibition grouped the works of twelve Dutch designers.

In order to expand audiences and make this exhibition even more attractive, conferences and workshops will be added to the event. The exhibition then will travel across Canada. It will first stop at Montreal, at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, and will then go to Toronto in May 2013, as this city will host the annual conference of the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG).