Competition: Jewelry Packaging Design­ for FROOTS & Nogart Art Jewelry

Open call  /  12 Mar 2015  -  05 Apr 2015
Published: 12.03.2015
Competition: Jewelry Packaging Design­ for FROOTS & Nogart Art Jewelry.
Noga Zhang Shahar, Florance Xia
DEADLINE: 05/04/2015

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Designers are invited to present their inventive packaging concepts for enfolding the multifaceted, international jewelry of the Chinese gallery.
Competition Content
Designing jewelry packaging for FROOTS & Nogart art jewelry.
The applicants are required to design three series of packages (for diverse applications such as boxes, bags or wrappings). Each series should be in a different geometric shape (such as round, or square, or oval, etc.).
Each series of packaging should be designed for diverse types of jewelry, including: necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings and rings.

First Prize
A trip to Shanghai, including: roundtrip airfare (economy class); accommodation in a 4 stars hotel for 6 nights; publicity event (an open talk or workshop); opportunities to meet future Shanghai collaborators and customers.

Final List winners
The final list winners (5-10) works will be put on display in a special exhibition, to be held in the Shanghai FROOTS & Nogart Showroom. The exhibition will be companied by publicity on important media channels in China.

The design plan should include production solutions.
The applicants are suggested to check FROOTS & Nogart artists and designers’ works (Please refer to the artist list of the gallery FROOTS & Nogart).
The packaging style needs to be of the highest quality: innovative, imaginative and cutting-edge

Graphic designers, product/industrial designers, and students of graphic /product/industrial design from around the world are welcomed to participate.   


© By the author. Read Copyright.

© By the author. Read Copyright.