The European Prize for Applied Arts 2018

Open call  /  Curating   Exhibiting  /  21 Oct 2017  -  15 Feb 2018
Published: 22.11.2017
The European Prize for Applied Arts 2018.
Henriette Michaux, Gaëlle Cornut
DEADLINE: 15/02/2018

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The European Prize for Applied Arts aims to reward the best creations of contemporary expression in applied arts and craftsmanship.The winners are chosen by a jury of international experts on the basis of criteria of artistic merit, technical mastery and innovation.
Monumentality - Fragility.

Monumentality: monumental character being the result of the dimension but also the proportions and style; masterful, powerful, impressive, solemn, important, sublime...
Fragility: delicate character, short-lived, unstable, precious, precarious, vulnerable, fragile, soft, weak, thin, refined...  
The European Prize for Applied Arts will coincide with an exhibition devoted to Niki de Saint-Phalle at the Art Museum of Mons. Her work can be described as both monumental and fragile, the strong color palette, exuberant proportions, the power and the violence allude to a monumental character from which a palpable fragility is released. De Saint-Phalle’s work is reflective of the challenges that she faced in her private life and provided insight and commentary on societal tensions of the time.  Artists are asked to take inspiration from the paradoxical and at times dualistic nature of her work.

10 Prizes - 10 Catalogues:
• The “Master Prize Prize" of the Ministry of Culture of the Federation Wallonia- Brussels: money prize of 3,500 € that will be awarded to the author of a masterpiece age 36 or over on 1st October 2018.

• The “Young Talent Prize“, Prize of the World Crafts Council-Europe: money prize of 3,000 € that will be awarded to a young artist age 35 or under on 1st October 2018.

Further prizes may be given, depending on finances available at the time of the exhibition opening. The prize ceremony will take place during the opening of the exhibition. 
All craft disciplines are admitted (ceramics, glass, textile, jewellery,  wood, paper, furniture, accessories, etc.) 
Pieces submitted for the competition must be recent (produced after the 1st January 2016). They shall be made in accordance with the laws about the environment and animal welfare. Their weight must not exceed 100 Kg per piece. Possible exceptions will be decided by the jury or the organizers. Candidates may submit either one large (eg. large furniture or wall hangings) or three medium-sized pieces (+/- 60 cm) or five small pieces (eg. jewellery, small ceramics etc.).

A jury of experts, chosen by the partners of the event, will meet in March 2018. The candidates will be informed of their selection within fifteen days of the Jury’s decision. The jury will meet a  second time the day of the opening of the exhibition to select the prize winners. The jury is under no obligation to award any one of the prizes...

The applications have to be sent before the 15th February 2018 at the latest

- March 2018: Selection of participants.
- From 3th to 5th October 2018: delivery of the selected objects to the WCCBF.
- 19th October 2018: Opening of the European Prize for Applied Arts and Prize awarding.
- From 20th October 2018 to 20th January 2019: Exhibition.
- From 21th to 25th January 2019: recovery or return of works.

- The European Prize for Applied Arts is organized by the WCC•BF, in partnership with the City Mons and the WCC-Europe. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels.
- The competition is focused on artists working in the field of applied arts and design-led crafts and living in a European country (including the countries that are not part of the EU).
- By “design-led crafts“, the organizers mean all work designed and made by the designer himself, either one-of-a-kind pieces or small series products. Applications with work produced by industrial means will not be admitted to the competition.
- The pieces chosen for the exhibition will be of a high standard in artistic & technical skill and demonstrate originality and innovation.
- The selected works will be exhibited from 20th October 2018 until 20th January 2019, at the Grand Hall of the Anciens abattoirs of the City Mons (Belgium). 
Subject to available funding the exhibition may tour to other locations.

Participation Fee:
Participation in the competition is free for members of WCC-Europe and members of associations belonging to WCC-Europe.
Non-members will be charged a fee of 50 € to cover administration costs. This fee is payable by the artist as soon as s/he is informed of selection by the organizers.

• The artist will be responsible for the transport costs to Mons. The works must be packed securely and in such a way as to avoid damage should they be dropped from a 1-meter height while being handled. The packaging must be strong enough as to be re-used for the return transport.
• The organizers are responsible for return transport. The work will be sent back within three weeks of the end of the exhibition.

Customs Formalities:
Makers from countries which are not a member of the European Union will be responsible for customs formalities and take in charge any costs and taxes that should arise from the transports.

A full-colour catalogue will be published with introductory texts and one page with text and photograph for each participating artist. The texts sent by the applicants are to be written in French or in English. No other language will be admitted.

The works will be insured by the organizers from the moment of their arrival at the exhibition premises until their leaving the exhibition space. The insurance during the transport is the artist’s responsibility.
European Prize for applied Arts 2015.
. Photo : JS Herman.
European Prize for applied Arts 2015.
Photo : JS Herman

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