Open call for exhibiting at STOSSIMHIMMEL during Vienna Jewellery Week 2018

Open call  /  Exhibiting  /  20 Apr 2018  -  15 May 2018
Published: 20.04.2018
Izabella Petrut
DEADLINE: 15/05/2018
Exhibiting space.
Exhibiting space

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For the duration of Vienna Jewellery Week, 6th to 11th of November 2018, the resident artists of STOSSIMHIMMEL are inviting you to be part of the exhibition.
Vienna Jewerly Week
Vienna Jewellery Week is an event happening in Vienna, Austria for the last 3 years, as a continuation and upscaling of the Long Night of Art Jewellery. It brings together local and international jewellery makers, artists and designers, collectors, educators and enthusiasts, in a week of exhibitions, workshops and lectures on the topic of Art Jewellery and other jewellery positions.

Date of exhibition: 6th - 11th November 2018.
The Exhibition Space: you will exhibit in one of our exhibition rooms, alongside some of our jewellery. You are free to make a small installation to better showcase your work.
Exhibition Opening: 7th of November, as part of the Long Night of Jewellery.
Catalogue: you will be mentioned on the STOSSIMHIMMEL catalog page in the Jewellery Week catalog.
Postcard: you will be mentioned on the STOSSIMHIMMEL postcard that we send per post to our address book.
Workshop: you have the chance to organise a workshop during the Vienna Jewellery Days, using our workshop space and benches. 
Price: 500€ 

The location
STOSSIMHIMMEL is located in the heart of Vienna, next to the gothic church Maria am Gestade, 2 minutes away from The Jewish Monument, and 7 minutes away from Stephan’s Dome. About STOSSIMHIMMEL STOSSIMHIMMEL is a collective of 8 jewellery makers, designers and artists (Dora Des, Caroline Ertl, Lena Grabher, Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut, Astrid Siber, Eva Tesarik, Heike Wanner), a studio and an exhibition space for contemporary jewellery, where during the last 22 years, many artists have told their version of the story about what jewellery is. We are happy to have you as part of our exhibition.
Gallery front view.
Gallery front view

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Workshop space.
Workshop space

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Izabella Petrut. Ring: The fire inside, 2015. Paper, resin, silver oxidized . 5 x 4 x 5.5 cm. Photo by: Izabella Petrut. From series: We become one. Izabella Petrut
Ring: The fire inside, 2015
Paper, resin, silver oxidized 
5 x 4 x 5.5 cm
Photo by: Izabella Petrut
From series: We become one
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