Call for Applications: International Design Residence at MAX-XXL Studio

Open call  /  Internship  /  19 Jun 2018  -  31 Oct 2018
Published: 19.06.2018
Call for Applications: International Design Residence at MAX-XXL Studio.
MAX-XXL Studio
Jie Sun
Yan Chan
DEADLINE: 31/10/2018
MAX-XXL Studio.
MAX-XXL Studio

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MAX-XXL STUDIO is part of NoCC (New Center of Contemporary Jewellery and Fashion Culture) at D&I (College of Design and Innovation) at Tongji University in Shanghai and it is offering 1 to 3 months residencies open to international artists.
The "MAX-XXL STUDIO" treats Design Driven & Innovation and Creative Leadership as the driving force, focus on the contemporary fashion, jewellery and related object design practices, branding and management, enhance the integration between practice and creative industries interdisciplinary, gather global new talents. Aiming at the coming high-end market demand according to the context of the new period development of China. The subject covers Fashion, Jewelry and Luxury Design, ( consisting of Jewellery, handbag, glasses, shoes, perfume, fashion related accessory and object design ).

International Design Residence (1 - 3 months).
1. Background and experience:
(No limitation of gender/age/nationality, must match one of the following qualifications, except particularly excellent candidates).
  1. Have fashion/jewelry product design or creativity/fashion/artistic design industrial field study experience (graduated, suitable for pre-career or mid-career designers/artists).
  2. Have enormous passion in fashion/entry lux and expect a better performance on an international scale.  
  3. Possess practiced 3D modelling skill and essential graphics software skill or possess special handicraft and drawing skill or possess other skills and artistic attainments.
  4. Stay in MAX-XXL for at least 3 days a week, last for 1 to 3 months, available time is remained to be discussed.
2. Main tasks and responsibilities:
  1. Develop and execute your design project /collection with the specific serial topic.
  2. Establish your personal development mode, orientation and design project with the help of design supervisor.
3. Finished form of residential designer project:
Realize a serial topic design project, hold solo exhibition in NoCC (new center of contemporary jewelry and fashion culture) ; excellent designer will gain an opportunity of taking part in top international design week or being selected into other international business/culture institution, according to relevant public relations and promotion; other surprises and possibility.

4. Predictable capacity promotion: 
nternational and professional design method and innovation thinking, execution, design object and positioning, project management, communication and cooperation, project coordination, networking of effective resources.

5. Other resources sharing and warfare.

We Offer You:

- A rare developing opportunity in Shanghai within Chinese context.  
- A platform of design innovation, research, development and practice.
- Interdisciplinary innovation thinking and design method.
- Opportunities to acquire more space of more specific personal and professional growth.
- Possible collaboration with industry, market, museum, gallery within China.
- International like-minded friends and more collision of idea and creativity.
And More .......

Studio Background and Team Introduction:
MAX-XXL STUDIO for Fashion, Jewellery and Luxury Design 
is now located in N-ICE 2035 future creative district, Shanghai. Resources are shared since it’s near Neuni new material research and development lab, Fablab open creation lab, Zhu Zheqin Sound lab, Tongji-MIT city science lab, NoCC -New Center of Contemporary Jewelry and Fashion Culture, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, etc. The present director of art and design of MAX-XXL STUDIO is Professor Jie Sun, the only national distinguished expert who specialized on fashion and jewelry-related design and curation. With the superior International influence and academic resources, his team of innovation, research and development has laid a firm foundation in the nearby area in terms of and commanding heights of international orientation.

- Artistic Director:
Jie Sun, Professor of College of Design and Innovation , Shanghai International College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University; The National Distinguished Expert. Prof.SUN actively engaged in European and Asian creative industry and academic world with focus on practice and research of contemporary fashion and jewellery design. His works are permanently collected by international museums, has been invited and spoken internationally.
- Managing Director:
Yan Chan, focus on management, planning and execution of exhibition project of art and design, now works as deputy head of The New Center of Contemporary Jewelry and Fashion Culture in Shanghai, used to plan and manage over one hundred activities of the influential exhibition of art and design.
- Senior Project Manager:
Andy Yuk, PhD in Design, focus on research and innovation application of digital technology in jewelry domain, used to visit Milan doing research of accessories and horologe design with the subsidize of Suisse Richemont group. His works used to be exhibited in Museum del Gioiello in Italy, Milan design salon, Venice Biennale, Salon International de la haute horlogerie, Hong Kong DETOUR specially invited design exhibition of Greater China region, etc.
Tina Zhao, focus on research and application of fashion jewelry and craft, now teaches in Jalab in College of Innovation and Design, Tongji University, works as project manager of The New Center of Contemporary Jewelry and Design Culture. Used to work for Norwegian “Jewelry 1998”as chief designer, her works has been selected and posted many times on “ELLE” magazine, “MOOD” magazine. And she has launched her works in famous fashion weeks and exhibition of art and design home and abroad many times.

- Executive Manager: Jiajun Zheng
- Branding Manager: Chenmin (Anne) Zhang
- Design Operation Manager: Tuo Qiu
MAX-XXL Studio.
MAX-XXL Studio

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MAX-XXL Studio.
MAX-XXL Studio

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MAX-XXL Studio.
MAX-XXL Studio

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MAX-XXL Studio.
MAX-XXL Studio

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MAX-XXL Studio Team.
MAX-XXL Studio Team

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