Open Call for 2021 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition

Open call  /  15 Apr 2021  -  15 Jun 2021
Published: 15.04.2021

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2021 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition is scheduled to be held on 18 - 28 October in Beijing. Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition has been held successfully for fourth times already. There were artists from 45 countries to take part in the exhibition in 2019, making it the largest jewelry art academic exhibition globally so far.

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This year’s exhibition is themed “Li·Xing”. As the traditional Chinese myth Shanhaijing·Xishanjing describes: There is a mountain called Yanzi, which is three hundred and sixty li away on the south-western part. There are lots of Dan Mu on Yanzi Mountain. The leaves of Dan Mu are like paper mulberry leaves. The fruit of Dan Mu is as big as watermelon. The sepal of Dan Mu is red with dark lines. The fruit of Dan Mu are able to cure malaria, and has the function of resisting internal heat. There are lots of turtles in the south of Yanzi, and lots of jade in the north of Yanzi. The Shao River originates form Yanzi, then it goes westward into the sea. In the Shao River, there are many grindstones, named Di Li in ancient Chinese. Di refers to the fine grindstone and Li refers to the rough grindstone. Di Li means to temper, train, encourage and exhort. In Chinese, “Xing” means the trend of a man’s step. Its original meaning is road, which is then extended to mean “practice”. Above all, the theme “Li·Xing” means under the pandemic, our economic, politic, culture and art life have all been subject to unprecedented impact. As a member of the community of shared future for mankind, no one can detach himself or herself from this interconnected world. Winding or straight, the road is always in front of us. With our eyes on the future, we should walk hand in hand and encourage each other to forged ahead.
The 2021 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition is divided into four parts, namely the “Digital·Field”, the “Craft·Field”, the “Material·Field” and the “Concept·Field”. Each field represents a unique direction along which the academic sector of jewelry art and design develops. This exhibition is intended to promote diversified jewelry art design and creation, explore the latest concept of international jewelry art, and set up an interactive platform and space that include different ideas and trends of art creation with a focus on concept innovation and academic guidance. During the exhibition, “Future·Field” Jewelry Design Global Competition and the corresponding award ceremony, International Jewelry Design Trend Dynamic Show, Global Jewelry Design Education Summit, and Member Conference of the International Jewelry Colleges Association will be held.

>> [PDF] The General Regulations for 2021 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition

Entry Criteria and Process:
  • The authors shall decide which section they are willing to participate, the options include “Digital·Field” (Cross-disciplinary jewelry innovation works driven by digital technology is the core, such as smart jewelry, digital manufacturing technology, parametric design, digital communication, digital co-creation works, etc.), “Craft·Field” (Craftsmanship is the key topic of this field), “Material·Field” (Material value is the key topic of this field, jewelry made from new materials, precious materials, integrated materials, and sustainable materials are all included too.) and “Concept·Field” (Using the jewelry as a media to express a concept or a statement, Self-Reflexive, redefining use, impermanence and meaning, gender and body are all the keywords of this fields.).
  • Participating authors should provide relevant information on the registration interface of the Organizing Committee's official website before June 15, 2021. Each author can submit up to 3 works and shall provide pictures of such works upon registration (In Tiff or Jpeg format, above 600 dpi and 20 cm × 20 cm, the background of the image must be white or monochrome, do not add any props. There’s no restriction if the image shows the pieces are worn by a model), and please submit an artist statement (No more than 300 words). Domestic exhibitors shall fill in registration information in Chinese, while foreign exhibitors (Except ethnic Chinese) shall only fill in the registration information in English. Overdue applications will not be accepted.
  • The unit of measurement for the participating works is “cm".
  • The video which related to the work (artist statement, demonstration of processes or explanation, etc.) can be send to the Organizing Committee’s official email
  • No fee is charged for the entry of works and papers.
  • From July 1, 2021, the judging panel of the exhibition will start a selection based on the applications submitted by authors. The result of the selection will be notified to authors by email or telephone before July The selected works must be sent to the Organizing Committee before August 20, 2021, and those arrive beyond the date will not be accepted.

Open call for Academic Papers:
The Organizing Committee collects academic papers from participating artists and social professionals. Papers need to be written based on contemporary jewelry research(eg: metalsmith research , jewelry technique research , jewelry material research , gemstone cut research ,the research of the digital design and manufacturing of jewelry, jewelry history research, art jewelry research , jewelry business strategy research and jewelry exhibition research can be included). Papers chosen by the Organizing Committee will be published in Academic Paper Collection of 2021 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition (tentative title). The outstanding papers will be recommended to the academic journal of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Art & Design Research for publication.

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