Open Call for the 3rd Edition of Joya en Tránsito 2022/2023

Open call  /  02 May 2022  -  10 Jun 2022
Published: 25.05.2022


  Extended Deadline: 10. 06. 2022 

Call out for contemporary jewelers and artists to create pieces of portable art framed in an experimental line in terms of materialities and concepts.
Open Call for the 3rd Edition of Joya en Tránsito 2022/2023.
El Chincol Hall of Ediciones Altazor
Antonella Ríos, La Brújula Arte en tránsito
DEADLINE: 10/06/2022

Email to a dossier in PDF format, not exceeding 4MB. with your project containing 1 to 3 pieces maximum.

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For the 3rd Edition of Joya en tránsito 2022 / 2023, Contemporary Jewelers and Artists are invited to create pieces of portable art framed in an experimental line in terms of materialities and concepts, where each creator expresses himself from a change of approach, because the sensitivity of an artist allows his gaze to explore outside the contextual, to go beyond the usual, beyond what is imposed, the artist wonders, moves, goes a step further and has the virtue of capturing that look in his creations.
Derrida raises the idea: "There is no single truth, therefore, everything can be otherwise".
What is your truth? How do you see the unusual? How do you transform what you see?
We invite creators to cross boundaries and explore with their most dormant senses.

Mumbling of a prelude
"I want to say that I have to change my approach, I have to look at the world with another optic, another logic, other methods of knowledge and verification. The images of levity that I seek must not allow themselves to be dissolved like dreams by the reality of the present and the future..." (Six Proposals For The Next Millennium; Italo Calvino).

The Lightness
We come from a twentieth-century that was distinguished by its conclusiveness in various areas, thought and execution obeyed the principle of the concrete, of the weight of arguments, of the material. Art did not escape from this, manifestos, collectives, art actions and long etcetera give visibility (another one) to that contingency that was present with harshness and little sweetness.
Calvino appeals in his "Six proposals..." to a way of understanding and producing art thinking about a millennium that we are already experiencing and that has a vast residue that has made itself felt and that still reaches us.
To think about lightness is to change the position before the concrete, it is to explore from creativity another value, it is to jump over death with our whole body and that is not to remain floating in the air, but to put our feet back on the ground, that is physical, but it is also a reflexive, creative act?
I think it is appropriate to take a proposal of those pointed out by the author of "The Baron Rampant" (it is no coincidence that that fabulous character of the novel, decided to wander through the heights of the treetops without ceasing to be a "man of his time") lightness is not opposed to the heavy, lightness is that other that perhaps we have ceased to observe and experience.

The Crystals - Transparencies
An invitation:
"Crystals, in their growth, resemble the most elementary biological beings, as if bridging the gap between the mineral world and living matter."
Transparency is appreciated as a virtue in the subjects, the metaphor of crystals seduces philosophers, architects, painters and various artists... also public opinion....
Duchamp's "Nude descending a staircase" is a staging of a purpose that is not limited to cubism or expressionism that incorporates that "Fourth Dimension", it is crystallization, it is a meta-nude that condenses, that intervenes, that looks with a look that affects, that inspires a sentimental projection, to the point that crystals abound in modern buildings.
Units with geometries that when joined together, when assembled with others, make a snowflake, the forehead leaning against a window contains a strong dramatic content... "everything depends on the glass you look through", in our popular saying... crystals are a current and sublime creative possibility.

Barcelona, 1977. An (almost) fortuitous encounter: Julio Cortázar and Luis Poirot, only three shots, out.
The great Cronopio looks bearded, with his eyes closed, smoking, he is the representation of pleasure without remorse. The puff does not support Cortázar, it is the smoke.
Smoke bursts into everyday life in the early nineteenth century, and trains, industries, and steamships, become an element that not only regulates the customs or workforces but also triggers an impact on the arts and ecological niches.
Impressionists include smoke, its effects on light, and that singular aura that makes their works as impressive as mysterious. It is known that after the eruption of a volcano that covered a large part of Europe with smoke, Munch incorporated those somewhat infernal tonalities of the sky in a series of paintings, including "The Scream".
The smoke condemned to disappear reappears in great catastrophes, insists, sometimes predominates, sometimes is sublime; is a recognition or a revaluation of smoke possible in times of asepsis and virtual relationships?

Each artist may submit up to 3 pieces that are related to the proposed theme.
Reasons for rejection of applications:
Failure to comply with the requirements below.
The use of pre-made materials, such as bijouterie finishes, will not be accepted.
Materials subject to decomposition or toxic fumes will not be accepted.

Itinerancy Program:
The itinerancy is considered within Chile, without discarding the possibility of an international exhibition if the context allows it. We will keep you informed as the tour progresses.
Itinerancy start date: From August 2022
  • Valparaíso, Chile.
-El Chincol Hall of Ediciones Altazor. (Opening)
-Santos Chavez Foundation
-Baburizza Palace
  • Quillota, Valparaíso Region.
-TP Art Gallery
-Pedro Aguirre Cerda Cultural Center of Calle Larga.
-Los Andes House of Culture
-Buen Hermano Foundation, San Felipe
  • Santiago From 2023.
We will provide information on the venues that will receive us from October 2022.

Criteria to apply:
In this Contemporary Jewelry Curation, we seek to summon creators who carry out their creative processes from the guidelines of Art to build a portable object, this means that this work contains "signifiers and meanings (terms used in visual arts), which resignify the symbol projecting multiple readings in the viewer, that is, it abstracts from the object-jewel in its historical, ornamental or practical context, to be inserted into a conceptual discourse taking the object to the field of artistic displacement. The purpose is no longer to adorn the body, but an excuse for artistic reflection". *
* Antonella Rojas Auda
Visual Artist
Master in Art and Heritage,
Curatorial text for Híbridos Salvajes, 2019.

Payment of registration: (this amount will not be refundable, it will only be discounted in the payment of those selected).
$10,000 CLP/ 12,12 USD plus commission in case of paying via PayPal.

Payment through a bank:
Bank transfer to Banco Estado Rut Account No. 8495423
To the name of Lorena Jarpa Leal - Rut N.º 8.495-423-3
Notification e-mail:
REASON (required):
Name - Contribution for participation in  JOYA EN TRANSITO 2022/23
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Send us to the email  a dossier in PDF format, not exceeding 4MB. with your project containing 1 to 3 pieces maximum. >> Sample form.
With the following structure:
- Cover (with artist's name)
-Author's photograph, square
-Artist's statement, maximum 150 words.
-Statement of work or series, maximum 300 words.
-Photos of piece 1: 3 photos of piece 1 on white background (front, perspective and back).
-Photos of piece 2: 3 photos of piece 2 on white background (front, perspective and back).
-Photos of piece 3: 3 photos of piece 3 on white background (front, perspective and back).
- Artistic CV (with the highlights of your artistic career).
Remember that the PDF should not be larger than 4MB. Files larger than this will not be accepted.
Send your file to the following e-mail address: 
Proof of payment must be sent together with your dossier to the following e-mail:  
Only for selected candidates:
Each selected person will be asked by email for the same images in high resolution.
Participation fee for the 2022 itinerancy plus two spaces considered in Santiago de Chile for 2023.
$70,000 CLP / 84.87 USD.
Students sponsored by a school pay $35,000 CLP / 43,43 USD. Please deduct the registration fee.
For each new exhibition within Chile that arises after the programmed itinerancy a fee of
$20,000 CLP / 24.25 USD.

Management: La Brújula Arte enn tránsito (LBTA)
Curators Antonella Ríos and La Brújula Arte en tránsito
Collaborators: Ediciones Altazor. - Santos Chávez Foundation - Nashionit.
Sponsored by: Openagora