Open Call for AIVA three month Artist in Residence programme

Open call  /  ArtistInResidence  /  27 May 2019  -  30 Nov 2019
Published: 27.05.2019
Shanghai night view..
Shanghai night view.

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AiR is open to artists, designers and other art professionals from any country. Candidates are selected annually through an open call application process or in some cases, by invitation.
Academy of International Visual Arts ( AIVA ) is now accepting applications for residency programme (AiR) commencing in March 2020 in Shanghai.
AiR aims to provide artistic professionals with a platform for research and production. This three-month residency programme may lead to expanded possibilities, collaboration, network and new works.

About AIVA:
Academy of International Visual Arts (AIVA), founded in 2005, is an independent art and design institution located in central Shanghai, China. It has expanded into a creative and cultural hub in the last decade with studios, lecture rooms and a dedicated jewellery studio.
Address: 4-6F, No.688, North Shaanxi Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China.

About the Artist in Residence Programme (AiR):
Artist will have independent space and workbench during the AiR, free access to basic facilities and other related resources, including classrooms, gallery space, Rino printing machine, bookbinding materials, photographic equipment, casting machine, sandblasting machine, soldering benches, drilling machine, various polishing machines, melting machine, kiln, hydraulic press, rolling mill, bench cutter etc.
AIVA can provide the artist with various opportunities of exhibitions and promotion activities, including cooperation with local galleries and museums in Shanghai; having lectures in colleges and universities; workshops, exhibitions and salons at AIVA; consignment of the work; exchanging experiences with teachers in AIVA and participating in tutorials with foundation and Pre-MA students.

About Shanghai:
Shanghai is the economic and cultural centre of China.
A modern city that combines classic and fashion, the East and the West.
A challenging place for people who want to discover and create.
We will show you the most exciting part of Shanghai and tell the stories which are untold.
There are not only interesting ideas but also unexpected inspirations.

What we need
  • At least 1 workshop, 1 public lecture, 1 exhibition, 1 salon during AiR.
  • 5-10 pieces on consignment in AIVA Gallery.
  • 1 work donated to AIVA Gallery after AiR.

What we offer:
  • Round-trip flight tickets.
  • Financial support.
  • Shanghai Local Culture Tour.
  • Platforms for promotion activities.
  • Studio space, Workbench, Basic facilities.
AIVA gallery space..
AIVA gallery space.

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The building of Academy of International Visual Arts..
The building of Academy of International Visual Arts.

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Maria Ignacia Walker, 2019 AiR at AIVA..
Maria Ignacia Walker, 2019 AiR at AIVA.

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AIVA facilities..
AIVA facilities.

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