Open Call for Awe and Alchemy Exhibition in Ireland

Open call  /  21 Mar 2023  -  03 Apr 2023
Published: 21.03.2023
Open Call for Awe and Alchemy Exhibition in Ireland.
The Market Place Theatre
DEADLINE: 03/04/2023

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The Association for Contemporary Jewellery Nothern Ireland ACJSNI is launching Awe & Alchemy, a member's exhibition of new works, to take place in The Market Place Theatre Gallery, Armagh.
This call-out is open to ACJ members - no initial fee to submit - A fee of £40 for successful applicants.
As the oldest city in Ireland, Armagh grew from an important archaeological hill fort site ‘Ard Macha’, dating from 95BC. Since then, myth and reality have continued to inform the city's rich character. With two cathedrals, an observatory and a planetarium, Armagh is recognised as a place of learning where culture, the arts and sciences continually merge; a place where awe and alchemy co-exist.

The title and theme of Awe & Alchemy offer a multitude of starting points. You may submit up to 5 pieces. We have not defined a particular item of jewellery as we are conscious the title can be explored through movement, implied or physical, and therefore wish to limit any barriers to members' creative responses.

Exhibition Criteria
The exhibition aims to celebrate our diverse approaches towards values, material possibility, sustainability and social connection through the art of jewellery and adornment. To show a wide range of interpretations, styles, materials, and techniques. Precious metals are welcome but not compulsory, alternative materials are equally welcome.

Key Dates:
- Exhibition Dates: 15 September - 4 November 2023.
- Deadline for Applications: Monday, 3 April 2023, Midnight.
- Notification: by Monday, 17 April 2023.
- Delivery of work: 16 and 17 August 2023.
- Collection / Return of work: 8 and 9 November 2023.

Selection will be based on:
  • 1-5 images of proposed piece(s), one-off or series (Emailed as supporting materials).
  • 3-5 Images of previously finished work (Emailed as supporting materials).
  • Description of how your work fits the brief (Application form).

Selection criteria, proposed work must be:
  • Of innovative and visionary design.
  • Have a very high-quality of making.
  • Respond purposefully to the theme.
  • Be interesting rather than solely commercial.
  • Must have been made since January ‘22 & not been exhibited before.
  • Short films of body adornment can be included (we suggest between 3-5min duration).
  • May involve new technologies.
  • Must be wearable body adornment or interact with the body as an essential aspect.

The following is not exclusive; you are encouraged to explore the theme with your own personal response.
  • Awe is generally accepted to be an emotion or feeling that elicits wonder, reverence or fear. Importantly, being in a state of awe can create a space for transformation.
  • Awe can be contradictory, it may be an explanation of Magical thinking or inspiration for Scientific exploration.
  • Perhaps Awe is experienced through alchemy; a material that behaves awesomely- through the process, or when handled or viewed in an unexpected way
  • We can be in a state of awe at a theory or practical solution, particularly when it may seem obvious when stated and have the potential to help solve problems or social issues
  • Alchemy - as 'the transmutation of matter' Turning one material into another through scientific experimentation, or turning inspiration into objects eliciting awe in an audience.

Fee: Successful participants will pay £40 on confirmation of participation.
Sales: There is no sales commission. This is not primarily a selling exhibition but visitors will be encouraged to contact exhibitors directly regarding the sale of work.
Postage: Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of delivery of work. Work is insured& while on the premises between 16 August and 8 November 2023 but will not be insured in transit. Overseas makers are responsible for any customs charges.

Fee Includes:
Photography of work.
- Return postage up to £12 per participant (within UK and Ireland).
- Half-price exhibition catalogue.

Addressing barriers:
In accordance with ACJ, ACJSNI heartily welcomes applications from jewellery currently underrepresented in our sector. This includes but is not limited to people of African or Caribbean heritage, Arabic heritage, Latin American heritage, East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian heritage, people from traveller communities, disabled people and LGBTQIA+ people. For further details on our diversity policy please see the ACJ website.

The selection panel will consist of respected people in the field, including representation from the participating venue and at least one panellist will be an individual currently underrepresented in the jewellery sector. Panellists will not be able to see who has made the work, selection is solely based on the work submitted.

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