Open Call for Exhibition at Brussels Jewellery Week 2022

Open call  /  07 Oct 2021  -  01 Feb 2022
Published: 10.10.2021
Open Call for Exhibition at Brussels Jewellery Week 2022.
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Les Brucelles Asbl
DEADLINE: 01/02/2022

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Contemporary jewellery finds a new vibrant platform: Brussels. Bringing together established and emerging artists, collectors, and the international public, the European capital hosts its first jewellery week: ten days of exhibitions, awards, conferences, and workshops will take you on a lively tour of incredible venues and people. Embrace the multicultural, inclusive atmosphere of Brussels to discover the best in contemporary jewellery.
IN FIERI: the thin line between being made and becoming.
In the artistic practice of the late 20th century, we have started to gain insight into the humbling nature of creative processes. Every creation is a transformation, a becoming, not only of matter, but of the artist as well. We are injected with inspiration through the subject. Matter makes us better. We are constantly becoming, underway to existence as toward a full-grown concept, a finalized form, although not often reached. So what are we becoming when we create? Is contemporary jewellery a medium that helps us in accomplishing our transformations? Do the materials we use change us? Or do we change materials?
In Fieri is the exact state where being made and becoming tellingly overlap.

On the occasion of the first Brussels Jewellery Week, we invite you to the ever-changing city of Brussels to experience and be part of In Fieri.
in fi·​e·​ri |  \ ˌin-ˈfē-ə-rē  \
1: being in the process of accomplishment/pending.
2: beginning to have existence/not yet completely formed.

Application deadline: February 01, 2022.
Selection announcement: March 01, 2022.
Reception of artworks deadline: March 25, 2022.
Opening ceremony: April 28, 2022.
Exhibition dates: April 29 – May 08, 2022.
Return of artworks: End of May 2022.

Jury: Awards:
  • Jury Award.
  • Zinneke Award.
  • Be Sustainable Award.
  • Award of the Public.
The In Fieri Open Call 2022 is open to anyone: professional, studying, emerging artists working in the field of jewellery and crafts as well as artists from other fields of art and design that focus on the new ideas and views of contemporary jewellery. Candidates from all countries and nationalities are eligible to participate.
Members of Les Brucelles asbl (The Organiser) are not allowed to participate.

Entry Criteria:
Artworks must relate to the theme In Fieri and be contemporary. No “wearability” is required, but a link to the body must exist whether formally, metaphorically, or symbolically. Participants have complete freedom in choosing the materials, mediums, and sizes of the artworks. Artists are invited to present 1 to maximum 5 artworks. Only digital images (jpg file, 300x300mm, min. 300 dpi) shall be accepted in the form of photographs or videos of the finished artworks. More detailed information will be provided in the Application Form.
Application fee: 15€.
Upon selection: participation fee of 50€ + return of artworks shipping costs.

How to Apply
Detailed instructions and the Application Form are available at

Les Brucelles asbl
MAD, Home of Creators
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