Open Call for Contemporary Human Beings Recruitment Project: Eat It!

Open call  /  07 Jul 2019  -  14 Jul 2019
Published: 08.07.2019

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Specializing in contemporary jewelry, Ruddy Metal Studio (RMS) has initiated and curated the ‘Contemporary Human Beings Recruitment Project’, dedicated in finding cross-boundary artists who use multiple and various materials in their creations. Based on this project, those who are selected will be provided space by RMS to manufacture and exhibit their jewelry work at E6 · Bentu One in Beijing from 26.07.2019 to 28.07.2019.
With its new exhibition EAT IT!, RMS invites designers and artists to create installations and jewelry pieces that apply food as a medium, in order to question the daily act of eating as the theme.

RMS jewelry studio was established based on the idea of everything was built up from nothing. Over three years of progressive development, RMS has been able to build its own jewelry collection and receive various members all of which focuses on crossing boundaries in their work. It has always continued with its search for direction within the complexity of our contemporary society. Contemporary art belongs to contemporary humans, as a studio that specializes in contemporary jewelry, RMS hopes to discover more artists that are looking to break through the restrictions on jewelry forms and materialities, in aim to inspire audiences and wearers to reflect and think.

The current second-year tour of the Contemporary Human Beings Recruitment Project will start by the 7th of July 2019 and will last for 7 days. After recruiting, we will collaborate with the selected applicants and launch EAT IT! as our second exhibition tour.

To Eat is a means of basic survival, at the same time it provides mental satisfaction as well as being an essential method of communication between people. Our behavior of eating is able to reflect upon ourselves, on others, and most importantly to determine our relationship with food itself and with our natural environment.

With its initial round of exhibitors, RMS invites 5 creators of different backgrounds for EAT IT!, with common interests of exploring the possibilities of food, they will present interactive installations with real food to express their questionings of eating.

Key Dates:
14th of July, 2019: The last day of the application
16th of July, 2019: Send notification to applicants.
26 - 28th of July, 2019: Exhibition dates at E6 · Bentu One.

Invited Contemporary Creators / Organizations:

Ma’ii Food Design Centre
From materials to waste, we adapt our aesthetics on design concepts, considering the sustainability of food in industries. Dedicated in providing refined dishes of originality, diversified packaging designs for food related brands, food styling, restaurant experience designs and multidimensional culinary design services.

Starry Xiao
Studied fashion communication in London during 2009 - 2013, whilst self-teaching culinary. Entered professional culinary in 2012, working in Michelin Biden listed restaurant Iberia World Tapas till 2013 when leaving for China. Joined Melbourne based and listed 20th restaurant out of 50 BEST, Attica, in 2015 as an intern. And joined White Tiger Village as Chef in 2016; the restaurant was awarded Best Hutong Restaurant in the same year by Bei-jinger, Timeout and various other media. It was also later on listed as a recommendation in Louis Vuitton’s Beijing city guide.

Xindi Nie
Graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in 2013, majoring in Visual Arts (Metalsmithing. Textile, Ceramics and Photography). Finished BA degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design in 2017.

Liu Chen
Architect, received Bachelor and Master of architecture from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, founded a MINOR lab in 2017.
MINOR lab believes that architecture is not only the physical presence but also a living evolvement. In the process, people create their own memories of moments, gathered to form a collective story.

Ellan Huang
Studied Jewellery Design and graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design from 2013-2017, during which interned at Benoit Missolin, Sulive jewelry, and LVMH Watch & Jewelry.
Stayed in the UK after graduation as Graduate assistant for the BA Jewellery Design course in Central Saint Martins, also worked with designer Diane Kordas, IWC Schaffhausen, and Dover Street Market.
Arrived back to China in 2019 and has been working as a jewellery designer under British designer Hannah Martin.

Yujie Dai
2013-2014 Studied at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School. Works have been exhibited in Spain, Italy and the United States.
2014-2017 Attended Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Participated in various public sculpture projects and exhibition in different cities in Italy.
Experienced several crossover exhibitions in the fields of traditional and contemporary art.
The curated dish by Starry Xiao for Ma’ii Food Design Centre, 2018.
. The dish includes figs, beef, egg yolks...etc..
The curated dish by Starry Xiao for Ma’ii Food Design Centre, 2018.
The dish includes figs, beef, egg yolks...etc.

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Xindi Nie. Piece: Incidental Poetry, 2017. Silver, stainless steel, pearls, glass.. For Ma’ii Food Design Centre.. Xindi Nie
Piece: Incidental Poetry, 2017
Silver, stainless steel, pearls, glass.
For Ma’ii Food Design Centre.

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Revitalizing Theatrical Hutongspace: PAGEONE Office & Exhibition Space by Chen Liu, 2018..
Revitalizing Theatrical Hutongspace: PAGEONE Office & Exhibition Space by Chen Liu, 2018.

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Ellan Huang. Xindi Nie. Ring: Cube Project, 2016. Sugar, glass, soap. jelly, acrylic.. Ellan Huang
Xindi Nie
Ring: Cube Project, 2016
Sugar, glass, soap. jelly, acrylic.
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Yujie Dai. Necklace: Touch, 2014. Found object, 925/1000 silver, plexiglass, cautchouk.. 9 x 9 x 3.5 cm. Yujie Dai
Necklace: Touch, 2014
Found object, 925/1000 silver, plexiglass, cautchouk.
9 x 9 x 3.5 cm
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