Open Call for 9 March Project, Contemporary Jewelry exploring issues of gender and feminism

Open call  /  10 May 2019  -  15 Sep 2019
Published: 12.05.2019
Open Call for 9 March Project, Contemporary Jewelry exploring issues of gender and feminism.
9 March Project
Katia Rabey, Bella Antonio, Masha Starikova, Sasha Pavlovskaya
DEADLINE: 15/09/2019

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The goals of this show/research are, among other things, creating a discussion about feminism through jewelry and popularization of the field of contemporary jewelry critically underrepresented in Russia.
Jewelry has always been a means to make a statement, not as much for the maker, but for the customer. Even the most commercial of pieces help relay a certain message regarding its owner’s wealth or marital status or religious views. Contemporary jewelry however became a means for the artist rather than the customer to express his or her feelings about any topic: and this is exactly what we had in mind when organizing 9 March Project jewelry show.

9 March Project, named after the invariably disappointing day that comes after the International Women’s Day, is not just a show, but rather a research of contemporary jewelry, its means and ends, a panel or a round-table discussion about gender and feminism, where each of the speakers uses the language of jewelry rather than a hundred-pages report with statistical calculations shown on slides.

The goal of our show/research is, among other things, popularization of contemporary jewelry, critically underrepresented in Russia. To show Russian viewers a wider variety of wearable statements, we’re partnering with an Israeli show OVERREACTING: Jewelry Speaks Feminism and Gender ,  but we don’t want to stop there.

If you create contemporary jewelry and would like to use your art to express your opinion about feminism, patriarchy, women’s place in society, gender stereotypes etc, please fill in the form at and follow the instructions from there.
Key dates:
September 15, 2019: Application deadline
December 15, 2019: Deadline for completing the work
January 15, 2020: Deadline for shipping of work
March, 2020: Exact dates and venue TBA exhibition in Moscow, Russia.