Open Call for Embracing Fluidity. An AI Contest dedicated to Only Contemporary Jewelry

Open call  /  OnlineOnly  /  12 Jun 2023  -  15 Jul 2023
Published: 13.06.2023
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DEADLINE: 15/07/2023

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Orbyline and Fashion AI Pro organise the first contest based on contemporary digital jewellery around the theme of fluidity. The winner has the chance to get their design made in AR and all the finalists will have the opportunity to show their work in the FashionAI metaverse gallery.

  Online Only 
In this contest, we invite participants to explore the concept of fluidity in contemporary jewelry design. "Embracing Fluidity" revolves around celebrating the inherent fluid qualities found in contemporary jewelry. We encourage artists to create jewelry pieces that capture the essence of fluidity through their designs. This can include exploring organic shapes, flexible materials, kinetic elements, and captivating patterns that evoke a sense of movement and change.

Prizes and Recognition
The winner of the "Embracing Fluidity" Contemporary Jewelry Contest will not only receive recognition for their outstanding design but also have the exclusive opportunity for their design to be transformed into an Augmented Reality (AR) filter for Snapchat. This filter will enable users to virtually try on and interact with the winning jewelry piece, offering a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience.
Additionally, all selected submissions will be showcased and shared across our social media platforms, providing exposure and recognition to the talented artists involved.
The jury-selected finalists will also have the opportunity to showcase their work in the esteemed FashionAI metaverse gallery, located at The specific date for this inclusion will be determined and communicated to the finalists in due course.

Key Dates
Live workshop: June 30th, 2023.
Opening for application: July 1st, 2023 (12am CET).
Deadline for applications: July 15th, 2023 (23:59 CET).
Review submissions by the jury: July 16th - July 17th, 2023 (selecting 15 submissions based on eligibility criteria and cohesiveness to proceed to public voting).
Public voting: July 18th 2023 – July 20th 2023.
First winner announcement by public vote based on the public vote: July 21st (7 pm CET after Fashion Friday).

Sogand Nobahar - Jewelry Designer, Founder Nobahar Design Milano, Co-founder & CD at Orbyline.
Nastaran Hashemi - Fashion designer, Co-founder & CD at Orbyline.
Toktam Nourkeyhani - Curator, contemporary art & jewelry critic, founder of Tliketwinkle.

Eligibility, Fee and Entry Criteria
- Open to professional, studying, and emerging artists and designers in the field of contemporary art, fashion, and jewelry design, regardless of their country, nationality, background, or experience level.
- Jewelry pieces should fall under the category of contemporary jewelry and be recognizable as such. Participants must submit wearable jewelry pieces that embody the concept of fluidity. Acceptable forms of jewelry include necklaces, earrings, and headpieces that can also be created as an AR filter.
- Participants are required to use AI tools in the creation process of their jewelry pieces. Additionally, the use of any digital tools, such as the Adobe Suite, is permitted. Participants must submit a maximum of three images in a 2:3 format demonstrating a contemporary jewelry AI design with their preferred environment and angles.
- Group works are accepted as long as no member of the group has participated individually.
There are no participation fees, ensuring accessibility and equal opportunities for all artists to showcase their talent and creativity. Each individual is permitted to submit only one project.

Judging criteria before Public vote
Creativity: The level of originality and innovative ideas demonstrated in the jewelry designs.
Technical Skills using AI: Proficiency in utilizing AI tools and techniques in the creation of jewelry pieces.
Understanding of Design Process in Contemporary Jewelry: Comprehension and application of the design process within the context of contemporary jewelry.
Balance between Physical Product and Digital Usage: Harmonious integration of physical wearability and digital elements, such as AR.
First Winner Product Eligibility for 3D Modeling and AR Creation: Potential of the winning piece to be transformed into a digital representation for 3D modeling and AR experiences.

How to apply
The first step is to register for our workshop. In order to ensure that all participants have the necessary knowledge to utilize an AI tool and Discord for project submissions, as well as to grasp the fundamentals of contemporary jewelry, we are organizing a free workshop. You can register for the workshop by completing the form provided below.

Subscription to the workshop and detailed instructions is available at

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