Open Call for Eureka! The FoC Jewellery & Fellowship Award 2020

Open call  /  03 Feb 2020  -  19 Mar 2020
Published: 03.02.2020

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For the Friends of Carlotta Jewellery and Fellowship Award 2020, we are looking for a piece of jewellery that is nothing less than the ultimate flash of inspiration, a stunning invention, something totally unprecedented, a great aha experience, a milestone in contemporary jewellery.
The Friends of Carlotta Gallery is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. We haven't had so much reason to celebrate, be happy and say thank you in 25 years. To mark the occasion, we are once again organizing the coveted Friends of Carlotta Jewelry and Fellowship Award as part of a thematic exhibition.

One material makes us despair. A problem has been fermenting for far too long. The brilliant idea does not want to and will not take shape. Sleeplessly one searches for the inspiration, the grandiose revelation. Weight loss, weight gain, insomnia, signs of insanity - where is the idea that outshines everything that has gone before? And suddenly redemption. Eureka! I got it. Just like Archimedes is said to have called out after he realized the principle of water displacement in the bathtub.  

An independent jury will award the best work with the FoC Jewellery and Fellowship Award Prize of Fr. 2000.-- and at least one to three other works will be honoured with an award. 

I am looking forward to all the best things since sliced bread - to your ultimate burners and of course the exciting stories about them. Let us write jewellery history.

/ Bruna Hauert

Key Dates:
19.03.2020 Deadline.
20.05.2020 Photo & Text for pre-juridation.
09.06.2020 - 03.07.2020 Pre-jurification (without names).
03.07.2020 - 06.07.2020 Pre-judicial notice to participants.
05.07.2020 Press distribution with pictures of the nominated works.
12.08.2020 Last deadline for selected works at FoC.
September 2020 Judging.
22.10.2020 Vernissage.

Info on the jewellery: 
Photos & text for pre-juration until 20.5.2020.
Each piece of jewellery needs to be accompanied by a story (1,000 characters max!). The story will be presented together with the jewellery and is, therefore, a part of the exhibition (and will be judged by the jury) – just like the jewellery. All pieces of jewellery selected by the jury and accompanying stories on the subject will be presented on our homepage (and on Facebook) as part of a virtual exhibition as well as in extensive exhibition documentation. For this reason, we will require high-quality, clipped images of your jewellery, which will be used for the virtual presentation as well as for the exhibition documentation and as of press pictures. Based on the images submitted, the jury will preselect around 50 works and nominate them for the FoC - Jewellery and Fellowship Award 2020. These works will also be on display at the Friends of Carlotta exhibition room Trüffel.  

About the jury: 
As in previous years, a competent and independent jury will be judging the works submitted. The names of the jury members will be announced in May 2020. 

Pre-selection for the exhibition held at Trüffel:
images and texts must be at FoC by 20.05.2020 at the latest!
The pre-selection will take place in June 2020. During pre-selection, the jury will nominate works of around 50 participants for the Friends of Carlotta Jewellery and Fellowship Award. In addition to the presentation of the works on the internet, the nominated entries will also be shown in our exhibition room Trüffel at Friends of Carlotta. The jury will base its nominations on the images and texts submitted (without names and portraits). In order to allow the jury to judge the quality of the works and understand them, it is essential that only high-quality and clipped images of the pieces of jewellery (max. 3 images per piece of jewellery) are submitted together with the text as well as all additional information required. The jury reserves the right to exclude works that do not meet the quality requirements or are off-topic. 

Documentation for pre-selection by 20.05.2020
  • High-quality, clipped images of your piece(s) of jewellery created specifically for the exhibition – in .jpg format, at least 300dpi.
  • The title of your entry.
  • The story accompanying your jewellery (max. 1,000 characters including spaces).
  • Details on materials used, further information, prices, etc.
  • For documentation: A portrait photo of yourself plus a brief CV (will not appear in the docu for the pre-jury).

Judging for the FoC - Jewellery and Fellowship Award 2020:
All jewellery must be at FoC no later than 12.08.2020!
All works were chosen during pre-selection and on display at the exhibition room Trüffel are nominated for the FoC Jewellery and Fellowship Award 2020 worth CHF 2000.—. The jury will award the best work and at least one to three further works will receive special recognition. For further information on the previous judging, visit our homepage and click on the respective exhibitions. 
The jury will meet a few weeks before the exhibition begins in the fully set up exhibition room containing the nominated works. In addition, the complete exhibition documentation will be available to the jury for more detailed information. All texts, images and pieces of jewellery for the exhibition must be in Zurich on August 12th 2020 at the latest, in order to guarantee that the presentation is ready on time. Pieces that reach us after the deadline will not be judged. 

Evaluation criteria: 
  • The originality of the work in relation to the subject.
  • Innovation.
  • Design and choice of materials
  • Craftsmanship.
The jury reserves the right to exclude entries that do not meet the quality requirements or are off-topic. Images, texts and jewellery that do not meet the call deadline cannot be presented in time and cannot be judged. 
All pieces of jewellery that are placed at our disposal are handled with great care and respect. However, I reserve the right to exclude jewellery that is too fragile to withstand an exhibition.

The Friends of Carlotta audience award:  
We do not only let members of the jury cast their votes but also give exhibition visitors the opportunity to vote for their favourite work during the duration of the exhibition. The winner will receive a fruit basket as well as a piggy bank that appreciates being fed by exhibition visitors. The winner will be announced at the gallery and on our homepage at the end of the exhibition.

General information
Sales conditions: The gallery sales price is the EK (artist price) x 2 + 7,7% VAT + eventual duty costs.
Hallmark: All pieces of precious metal must bear a hallmark and responsibility mark. If the item does not bear a responsibility mark for Switzerland, please contact us. 
Dates and jewellery shipping: Further information will follow upon application.
Exhibition venue at Friends of Carlotta..
Exhibition venue at Friends of Carlotta.

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