Open Call for exhibition proposals: Unperceived Existence

Open call  /  Exhibiting   Curating  /  22 Jun 2018  -  30 Nov 2018
Published: 22.06.2018
Gallery Shush
Laura Bradshaw-Heap, Mother Makers
DEADLINE: 30/11/2018

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Unperceived Existence explores the interplay between existence and perception offering solo exhibitions by women makers, designers and artists.
Inspired by art activists such as the Guerrilla Girls who have unflinchingly exposed the hypocrisy of many art institutions, especially in relation to women’s historical underrepresentation, Unperceived Existence calls into focus women’s position within the arts and perceptions of their work. Do we cease to exist if we are not represented? And at what point does our art exist?

In making the unseen, this project questions how we perceive physical works of art and how we designate value. It is interested in the physical and digital and how we interact with our audiences.

These exhibitions will in all senses be real exhibitions. They will have private views, exhibition invites and catalogues. The work displayed within them will be real and exist as tangible things. What the exhibitions do not have is any physical audience. No one will come through the gallery doors to see the carefully made and curated works. No one will come to admire the efforts and skills of the artists or acknowledge their existence. Instead, each exhibition will be documented via social media and an online catalogue available for download and for purchase and each artist will be asked to take over the project’s Instagram page for the duration of their exhibition.
We are especially interested in projects which explore themes such as visibility and invisibility; femininity; feminism; motherhood; and/or have a political theme although we welcome and will consider any other theme proposed.

The details:
We are primarily interested in solo exhibitions.
Proposals are being sought for one week physical and digital exhibitions. This includes an Instagram take over by artist during this period. We are happy to discuss any proposals by artists who wish to use any additional forms of social media.
Proposals are sought for exhibitions to take place for a one-week period between June and December 2018.

Applications are being accepted NOW and we will continue to accept applications until the programme is full. You are welcome to apply at any stage between now and December but please be aware the programme will fill up fast.

The Place:
Gallery Shush is located in a cellar that is approx. 100 years old. It’s old, the walls are a little crumbly, it is very cool and a little damp and as such it is very important that any work we display is appropriate for such conditions. Please consider this carefully when you submit. While we will do our upmost to ensure all work is carefully and properly displayed we cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur.

All work will be displayed in an undisclosed location in Europe. This gallery is a secure and locked space with minimum footfall, making each exhibition very secure.
We do however advise that all work is fully insured during transit and exhibition. The artist is responsible to get the work to the project space. We will cover the cost of the return. All work must arrive approx. 3 weeks prior to your exhibition dates (unless you have made separate arrangements with us).

This project is a venture by Laura Bradshaw-Heap in collaboration with Mother Makers. While we have a special interest in promoting work by women who are mothers, we welcome applications from all who identify as female.