Open Call for the exhibition What now?

Open call  /  09 Jun 2023  -  23 Jul 2023
Published: 08.06.2023
Open Call for the exhibition What now?.
Plattform Schmuckkunst
Wolfgang Löffler, Miriam Bacher, Noah Layr
DEADLINE: 23/07/2023

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The non-commercial association Plattform Schmuckkunst was founded in 2019 and is based in the centre of Graz, Austria. It is currently calling for jewellery artists to participate in upcoming group exhibitions entitled "What now?", which seek to reflect on various important social and political environmental issues. The exhibition will take place this year from 02 September to 30 September.
What now?
Polarising politics, climate crisis, war, fears for the future, poverty, rebellion, flight, existential worries, social division, restrictions, renunciation, and parallel societies; are never-ending buzzwords on profound and shattering topics, conditions and concerns that are currently strangling the throats of many people around the world. The question is where will it all lead? What will happen next? A constant up and down without having solid ground under your feet. In these troubled times, our trust in humanity is repeatedly put to the test. In times when propaganda is instrumentalized again and everyone claims the truth, it is increasingly difficult to find dialogue. The search for new approaches and pathways is the task of the present.

Framework condition
The jewellery objects must be thematically linked to the exhibition theme and title "what now?". One jewellery object per artist can be submitted. Only complete applications that meet the formal requirements will be accepted.

The artists must pay for the production costs of the works themselves. The sales value per work is limited to a maximum of € 300,- (please indicate the price in the application!). After the selection process, the pieces of jewellery must be shipped at the artist's own expense and must be received by 21.08.2023. For the processing and handling of the return shipment, a uniform participation fee of € 30,- is due for the selected artists and has to be paid in advance.

The association is responsible for the entire exhibition design, advertising and publication of the works (print and online platforms), the supervision of the exhibition, as well as the sale of the works during the exhibition period. Unfortunately, there is no capacity for individual feedback and explanations for non-selected artists.

Key dates
02 September 2023.
Exhibition period: 02 September -  30 September 2023.
Application deadline: 23 July 2023.