Open Call for Figure - Domain: Student Jewellery Design Competition 2023

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Published: 10.08.2023

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A competition intended to promote the power of jewellery design and inspire innovation and development in jewellery industry.

The competition is included at the 2023 Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition 2023.

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I. Objective:
Styled as a showcase of designs across multiple levels and dimensions of innovation, technology, smart manufacturing, and culture, etc., the competition makes the tradition and fashion, inheritance and innovation resonate with each other. Tapping into the potential of the jewellery industry, it seeks balance between fashion and future life and picks out extraordinary creativity and design. As a design exchange platform, it sparks discussion on how design can inject more new vitalities in arts and commerce in our time and magnifies the value of design, making distinguished design come under the spotlight of society. The prominent designers will write a new chapter of glory in China’s jewellery design in the new era. Taking the responsibility and forging ahead on the new era, we keep "resonating" with young minds.

II. Position: an annual jewellery design festival setting the trend of the jewellery industry.

III. Organizing Committee: is composed of the sponsor and renowned domestic designers. 

IV. Title: "Figure · Domain" Jewellery Design Competition.

V. Theme: "Figure · Domain" jewellery design collection.

VI. Requirements:
1. Under the theme, all entries using jewellery design as a representation shall manifest dialectical future jewellery design with foresight and originality;
2. There are no limitations on materials of entries, e.g., noble metal, gem or composite materials;
3. All entries shall be specially originated for the competition, which have never been exhibited and published or used for commercial purpose;

VII. Participants:
The competition is open to all majors of jewellery design or students interested in jewellery design.

VII. Eligibility:
1. Each participant is allowed to submit 1-3 or 1 set of photos or design drawings, and finalists must mail their designs in kind;
2. Each participant shall complete the Application Form as required, enclosing design sketches, sized three-view drawings, as well as description of creation and fabrication;
3. Participants shall additionally provide electronic designs or photos in JPG format. For each design, no more than 3 images shall be filed (resolution: ≥300dpi; size: ≤5M);

IX. Finalized designs:
1. Finalized designs will be exhibited at the International Jewellery Biennial in kind.
2. Finalized designs shall be fabricated by winners on their own.

X. Cost: the competition waives application charges.

XI. Awarding:
After rounds of selection, the Organizing Committee will finalize 9 award winners and 50 honorable mention winners.
1. First Award (1)
2. Second Award (2)
3. Third Award (3)
4. Most Creative Award (3)
5. Honorable Mention (50)

XII. Organizing Committee will also pick out and award certificates to the best organizations and advisors.

XIII. Notice to participants:
1. Benefits of taking part in the competition: award-winning products and designers will be covered and presented at the awarding ceremony, and made known at the competition website and WeChat platform;
2. Each participant is allowed to file in 3 entries at most.
3. Application materials:
  • each designer shall submit the Application Form;
  • each design/design set shall be accompanied with relevant electronic images: format: JPG; resolution: 300dpi; size: ≤5M.
4. Design restriction: entries shall not contain ivory, hawksbill or any other wild animal products under legal protection.
5. Awarding ceremony: the Organizing Committee will invite winners to the awarding ceremony held in the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) on October 14, and the winners may attend the ceremony in person or delegate a representative.

August 1-September 10, 2023: application and submission;
September 10-15, 2023: review and selection of entries;
September 16-30, 2023: mailing of awarded entries in kind;
October 1-13, 2023: preparation for awarding ceremony;
October 14, 2023: awarding ceremony;

All majors of jewellery design or students interested in jewellery design are welcomed to the competition