Open Call for Future Field. Student Jewelry Design Competition

Open call  /  01 May 2021  -  30 Jun 2021
Published: 15.06.2021

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The "Future·Field" Jewelry Design Competition co-sponsored by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) and International Jewellry Colleges Association (IJCA) is dedicated to discovering innovative and visionary young talents in the jewelry field. The competition also aims at encouraging designers to redefine jewelry design, explore the trend and possibilities in the future and bring prospective thoughts and new energy into the field, boosting the long-term development of the whole industry.

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The competition is themed with "Future·Field". The requirements are as follows:
  1. The entries should be created around the theme with jewelry as the carrier. The design should reflect the thoughts on the future jewelry design, with perspectiveness and originality;
  2. Entries are not limited to certain materials. Precious metals, gems, or comprehensive materials are acceptable;
  3. Entries shall be created exclusively for this competition and have never been exhibited, published, or commercially used before;

Entry requirements:
  1. Participants shall be students majoring in jewelry or those who are interested in jewelry design (members of IJCA can organize students to participate in the competition);
  2. Participants can submit 1-3 pieces or 1 set of photos or design drawings of their works, and the real objects should be mailed after being shortlisted;
  3. Participants are required to fill in the "Registration Form" (download here) , present the work renderings, three-view drawings with clear dimensions, and provide a creative description and production process instructions in the form;
  4. Electronic design drawings or photos of the real artwork in JPG format. Each work shall be attached with no more than 3 pictures, with a resolution of above 300dpi and picture size smaller than 5M;
  5. “Registration Form” (doc/docx) + electronic design drawings or photos of real artwork should be submitted, as attachment of email, to the required email address ( The title of the email adopts the unified format “Future·Field+ Name of the designer”.

The artworks being shortlisted shall be made by the winners themselves and will be exhibited at the International Jewelry Design Biennial.

The schedule of this competition is as follows:
  • 1 May - 31 June 2021: Registry and submission;
  • 1 July - 30 July 2021: Review and selection on entries;
  • 1 August - 31 August 2021: Mailing of shortlisted physical works;
  • 18 October 2021 (to be determined): The award ceremony.