Open call: MeMy Mode Fair with New Values Jewellery Gallery

Open call  /  28 Sep 2012  -  01 Oct 2012
Published: 03.08.2012
Bourse de Commerce
DEADLINE: 10/09/2012

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New Values Contemporary Jewelry Gallery, for the 2nd season is participating in the Paris Fashion Week and  gives you the wonderful and unique chance to become part of it: create a new connection between artistic jewellery and fashion at MeMy Mode in the Bourse de commerce. Built a solid reputation in the fashion industry and a strong relation with stores, boutiques and international designer buyers.
The "new values" jewelry gallery offers you to built a solid reputation in the fashion industry and a strong relation with concept or department stores, boutiques and international multi brand designer buyers, to create a new connection between artistic jewellery and fashion."New values" offers you it´s services as a sales executive of the garment (jewel). You, as a manufacturer and supplier will submit a "cost price" for a garment. The buyer makes an order for your piece (you can agree on a minimum amount of pieces for an order), from that time you usually have about 2-3 month (upon agreement) to produce the ordered products. The retail selling price in the stores is typically 2.5 or 3 times of your cost price. 

That means, that for the MeMy Mode Fair you only need to produce samples, from which you could create a series looking completely the same as the sample or in a variety of colors. In that case you need to provide me with color samples, printed or on the same material as the piece or photo images of the other variants.After the order is done on the fair, you sign a contract of guaranteeing the production and agree on a date when the payment of your "cost price" will be transferred to your account by the buyer or the store, after that you get
the full contacts and start the production. The "new values" gallery gets 10% of all orders, which you have to include in your cost price in advance as well as the shipping costs for the order. 

>> There is no possibility to apply for participation with unique, non- reproducible pieces. You have to be able to reproduce the piece in a minimum serie of 10. 

Information about the Fair:
For the next season of Paris Fashion Week the dates are 28 sept. – 1 october 2012, the MeMy show will once again be in the beautifull Bourse de Commerce in its magnificent 18th century cupola, with its glass dome and 35 meter height ceilings. MeMy, a new trade show, curated by Mariel Gamboa,ex-organiser of the most famous "Tranoi" Fashion Fair presents a selection of reputed international designers and new talent in a space designed like a concept store.There is a mix of clothing, accessories and jewelry collections. Well known established labels as well as some new talent but all for the high end designer retail industry.
When a buyer comes to Paris, time is of essence. The MeMy trade show among with the Tranoi and Capsule Fashion Fairs are the placees to be for buyers. The MeMy focuses on the selection rather than the number of exhibitors making it easier for the buyer to make many appointments under one roof and also the possibility of discovering new talent.

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Knaackstraße 96
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Bourse de Commerce.
Bourse de Commerce

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