Open Call for the Platinum Jewellery Design Competition 2020

Open call  /  09 Dec 2019  -  05 Feb 2020
Published: 09.12.2019
Open Call for the Platinum Jewellery Design Competition 2020.
Platinum Guild International China
Sarah Poots
DEADLINE: 05/02/2020
Qiang Li design in platinum, 2019..
Qiang Li design in platinum, 2019.

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Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a global association that develops demand for and builds an enduring commitment to platinum jewellery. Platinum first entered the China market focusing on modern jewellery for young sophisticated women back in the 1990s and PGI China are best known for their successful launch of platinum jewellery in the bridal market. In recent years they have begun to make a mark in self purchase jewellery pieces for the modern Chinese woman.

Creating jewellery for lightweight laser cut designs.

Purpose of the Competition
- To create unique and modern jewellery designs that will be used to laser print new lightweight platinum jewellery pieces.
- To find and source new talented designers that will become part of PGI China’s wider network of jewellery designers, helping to create modern platinum jewellery for the modern Chinese woman ( 18 - 35 years).
- To showcase your designs to a wider commercial audience and via social media.

- There will be an award of 500 Euros for each successful chosen design.
- You can enter as many designs as you wish and may have multiple designs chosen.
- PGI will own the rights to the design.
- We may ask to work with you to make some changes and adjustments to your design to achieve platinum suitability.

- Tai Wong, Head of Innovation and Product Development at Platinum Guild China.
- Sarah Poots, Jewellery Trend Forecaster.

Entry Criteria
- There are no restrictions on who can enter.
- If you haven’t designed for platinum before please bear in mind that designs are aimed at the fine jewellery market, shapes are streamlined and delicate.
- Deadline is 5th February.

Design Criteria
• Please refer to the ‘Design Inspiration Document’ You can use this document for inspiration and direction when producing your designs and can choose from either Constellation or City Girl directions.
• You can design a necklace, pendant, earrings or ring.
• All the designs should use a ‘cut out’ structure, revealing positive and negative spaces on a flat surface.
• The pieces should be lightweight reflecting the fineness of platinum design, averaging between 2-3 g in metal weight, making them suitable for a younger market and the e-commerce environment. They should still be a luxury jewellery piece and therefore the unique nature of the patterns and designs are paramount.
• The patterns should be fine and intricate but not too complex making them hard to reproduce.
• As the designs are for a new younger generation they can be more experimental and fashion driven than existing platinum design.
• You can also use your own image references and mood boards to give background to the patterns that you recreate.
• Scale of drawing should be 1:1
• The finest lines or hollow spaces should not be below 0.3 mm.
Creating jewellery for lightweight laser cut designs..
Creating jewellery for lightweight laser cut designs.

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