Open Call: Play for Display

Open call  /  26 Jun 2013  -  30 Jun 2013
Published: 26.06.2013
Open Call: Play for Display.
Nordhemsgatan 74
41309 -  Gothenburg
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DEADLINE: 30/06/2013

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Deadline to apply for Play for Display has expired. 95 artists applied and 24 were selected for this initiative to create a playful encounter between an audience and the jewellery.

Jewellery art is often presented with a certain distance to the viewer. The physical contact is prevented by a protecting glass or an elegant sterile environment sending a message that the objects on display are there to watch but not to touch. Play for Display is an initiative to create a playful encounter between an audience and the jewellery. The visitors will experience a close contact with contemporary jewellery - close enough to get under their skin.

In conjunction with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, GIBCA, Diagonal is curating an exhibition on the theme “Play for Display”.
The exhibition will take place at gallery Four in Gothenburg where visitors are invited to a close encounter with wearable art.

This year GIBCA has initiated a satellite program to include arenas and practitioners in the Contemporary Art field. The satellite program is called GIBCA Extended and will show artistic practices and productions inspired by the thematics for GIBCA 2013: Play! Recapturing the Radical Imagination.

Play is a way to push boundaries and change norms. We need to establish an environment where imagination and creativity is appreciated and valued. Art remains one of the last frontiers where creative playfulness can get a free rein.

The modern art jewellery scene is bubbling pit of creative and playful expressions and Diagonal would like to invite you to an exhibition where the visitors will be encouraged to try on the displayed pieces - pieces that will put them into a certain state of mind or character.

- Artists may apply with 1-5 pieces of jewellery.
- The jewellery must be durable and wearable so that it can be tried on physically by the visitors of the exhibition. All try-ons by visitors are supervised by staff.

- Fee of application: No cost
- The jewellery must be for sale
- Sales comission 50 %
- Selected artists pay a fee of 40€
- All photo material submitted by artists selected for the exhibition may be used in promotional purposes by the organizers.

Project managers
Karin Roy Andersson and Sanna Svedestedt /Diagonal
For questions please contact us at: