Open Call for the Premio Incinque Jewels 2021

Open call  /  02 Jul 2021  -  19 Jul 2021
Published: 02.07.2021
Open Call for the Premio Incinque Jewels 2021.
Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery
Monica Cecchini
DEADLINE: 19/07/2021

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Premio Incinque Jewels is the flagship event of the Roma Jewelry Week 2021. It is an international prize competition that intends to promote the culture of contemporary jewelry in Rome. The contest is promoted by Incinque Open Art Monti Cultural Association in Rome and it is edited by Project Director Monica Cecchini, Architect, Designer, and Art Event curator, Open Art Monti Cultural Association’s President and founder of the Roma Jewelry Week project.

For the first time, the Premio Incinque Jewels will be the main event of Roma Jewelry Week first edition, which aims to enhance the contemporary jewel, artist’s jewel, and the historical goldsmiths to offer the public a high cultural value that exalts the great cultural heritage of the city, connecting the most interesting realities in the field. Protagonists are the jewelry designers and the excellence of the Roman goldsmiths, jewel boutiques, art galleries, academies, and associations based in Rome.
A week of culture through exhibitions, presentations, talks, awards, to live the Capital thanks to a brand new project for the city where inclusion, connection, and joy are keywords. Especially in this complex historical period, the city must reclaim the spaces dedicated to Arts, Design, and to craftsmanship and must return to attract not only for its magnificent historical vestige but also for the immense heritage in the field of artistic jewel. Giving life to such an important event for the city of Rome is a great challenge and a great responsibility, which takes on new values and a renewed creative impetus today.
 Premio Incinque Jewels exhibition will take place from October 15th to 17th 2021 at the archaeological site “Auditorium di Mecenate” in Rome, dated 30 b.C. It is an ancient nymphaeum built by Gaio Cilnio Mecenate,  advisor to Emperor Augustus and patron of writers and poets, he who we could define as kind of ancient minister of Culture. Having the chance to exhibit at the Auditorium di Mecenate has extraordinary value, not only because for this occasion it will be open to the audience but also because it was the venue where Virgil and Horace declaimed their verses, and where the sharing of art was promoted. Hence the term patronage.

Auditorium di Mecenate, Rome.

Theme: JOY
Conviviality, Social Regeneration, and Joy are the themes chosen for the second edition of the contest. Premio Incinque Jewels this year wants to encourage reflection on “recovering the gestures and spirits of conviviality for a social regeneration” and create a dialogue between those who create the artwork and those who observe it. It wants to investigate the meaning of the jewel as a symbolic object, not only as an artistic ornament important only for its precious materiality but as the bearer of a message of social value.
It is a very important and heartfelt theme in this extremely difficult historical period in which there is a great desire to restart with a new spirit and to put Arts at the center.
Participants are asked to think and project a jewel that enhances the ancient arts and that can create a link with contemporary art. They are asked to question themselves about the value of sharing ideas, feelings, and moods; about how our inner space can change outer space; about how interpersonal relationships can change the future, and how much this affects aspects related to sustainability.
The collective exhibition will be the result of a careful selection of goldsmith artistic creations by a jury of experts in the field. 

Completed and signed application form with artwork picture must be submitted on or before July 19, 2021.
Applications for participation in the Roma Jewerly Week must be submitted on or before September 09, 2021.
Finalist jewelry pieces must be submitted to Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery in Rome on September 08 and 09, 2021.
October 15th to 17th 2021 exhibition at Auditorium di Mecenate, Rome.
Roma Jewelry Week will be held from October 11th to 17th 2021.

As a prize the three winning artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their artworks during three days exhibition at Incinque Open Art Gallery in Rome in the following ways:

- First prize: a three-day (dates to be agreed) solo exhibition at Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery in Rome. Curatorship, promotion, and vernissage services included*.
- Second and third prizes: a three-day (dates to be agreed) joint exhibition at Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery in Rome. Curatorship, promotion, and vernissage services included.
- Press Kit Prize: A special professional press kit prize will be offered by press consultant Eugenia Gadaleta.

* The first winner will be entitled to free participation in the third edition of the Premio Incinque Jewels.
A catalogue of all the artworks will be issued and each participant will receive a complimentary copy.

Access to the selection is free.
The contest is open to all jewel designers and the entries have no restrictions on style, design, or choice of jewelry item.
Every technique and material is allowed.
Maximum size is 24 x 24 cm ( 9,5 x 9,5 inches).
A panel of experts will select the best three jewels.
Each artist can submit one or two pieces of artwork inspired by the theme of the contest: only one will be selected.
Participation fee
The participation fee will be paid by the artist only if selected by the Jury.
More information as well as the arrangements for the payments will be communicated upon request.