Open Call for the Premio Incinque Jewels 2022

Open call  /  24 May 2022  -  20 Jul 2022
Published: 24.05.2022
Open Call for the Premio Incinque Jewels 2022.
Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery
DEADLINE: 20/07/2022

To receive the application form and the announcement with the contest rules please send an e-mail at or with the Subject “Candidatura Premio Incinque Jewels”.


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Creatives, designers and goldsmiths are invited to submit their projects in a once in a lifetime chance to exhibit their creations at an archaeological site.
Premio Incinque Jewels is the flagship event of the Roma Jewelry Week 2022. It is an international prize competition that intends to promote the culture of contemporary jewelry in Rome. The contest is promoted by Incinque Open Art Monti Cultural Association in Rome and it is edited by Project Director Monica Cecchini, Architect, Designer, and Art Event curator, Open Art Monti Cultural Association’s President and founder of the Roma Jewelry Week project.
The Premio Incinque Jewels will be the main event of Roma Jewelry Week second edition, which aims to enhance the contemporary jewel, artist’s jewel, and the historical goldsmiths to offer the public a high cultural value that exalts the great cultural heritage of the city, connecting the most interesting realities in the field. Jewelry designers and the excellence of the Roman goldsmiths, jewel boutiques, art galleries, academies, and associations based in Rome are the protagonists of this event.
The contest aims to celebrate and showcase some of the most talented artists of contemporary jewelry. The project wants to enhance and promote talent and artistic excellence, demonstrating that contemporary art and creativity coexist with technology and innovation, with tradition and antique goldsmith techniques, converging into unique and precious jewels tell stories.
Premio Incinque Jewels 3rd Edition exhibition will take place from October 14th to 16th 2022 at an archaeological site in Rome, dated 30 b.C.

Theme : “Grand Tour – the colors of the journey”
“Grand Tour – the colors of the journey” This year’s theme is a tribute to the era of the travel for the discovery of art, architecture, and beauty and for the self-knowledge, through a journey of personal and cultural enrichment. We propose the theme of the journey, meaning it not only as a real experience but also as a dream, referring to the nineteenth-century Grand Tour.
We would like to set off with you, master goldsmiths, artists, goldsmiths, and designers of jewelry, on a unique itinerary to discover the destinations of your most beloved journeys, the destinations that made you leave your safe nests to then come back to it more aware and richer. In this period traveling without constraints is not yet possible, so it will be the contemporary jewel to make us dream and to accompany us in your travel stories... "with a flowing rhythm of life in the heart". Thanks to you and to your creativity we can live a modern grand tour, a unique experience that like the current technology makes us go everywhere, especially in this period of imposed boundaries: a sustainable, responsible, and conscious tourism.
When you think about a journey made which has remained in your hearts and memories, probably the colors and atmospheres of the places visited are the first things that come to mind. The memory often brings the desire to travel again and is almost always accompanied by the gesture of browsing through the photo albums, whether they are stocked in the roll of the phone or printed. Then there is almost always a detail, a glimpse or an expression to give us a suggestion and to bring us back to those places.
With this third edition of the Premio Incinque Jewels, we want to celebrate the feelings aroused by the Beauty of the places dear to you and we want to do it through a Jewel. This intent will lead to the realization of the work, which will be the expression of the emotions experienced during a journey made, through shapes, materials, colors. The color in this case is not only intended as a chromatic aspect but also as perception and/or a feeling, which you would like to convey with your jewel. No limits to your imagination even when it comes to a journey, this can be both real and a dreamlike tale: a lived experience that has made possible the estrangement from everyday reality by lulling the mind. The inspiration of the jewel, in addition to the emotions and in addition to the memory of noises, scents, colors of the places visited, must be linked to an image that can be: a photo taken, a drawing or even a work of art, to be attached with the project you want to realize. We, therefore, invite all the creatives of the jewelry world to retrace their travels and try their hand at this artistic project, giving space to your most intimate interpretation.
The collective exhibition will be the result of a careful selection of goldsmith artistic creations by a jury of experts in the field.
To receive the application form and the announcement with the contest rules please send an e-mail at or with the Subject “Candidatura Premio Incinque Jewels”.

As a prize the three winning artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their artworks during three days exhibition at Incinque Open Art Gallery in Rome in the following ways:
- First prize: a three days (dates to be agreed) solo exhibition at Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery in Rome. Curatorship, promotion, and vernissage services included. The winner will be entitled to free participation in the fourth edition of Premio Incinque Jewels.
- Second and third prizes: a three days (dates to be agreed) joint exhibition at Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery in Rome. Curatorship, promotion, and vernissage services included @MISSGIO’ AWARD
It consists of an article to be published on the blog and on the Instagram @missgio_jewelryblog page by the jewelry blogger Giorgia Zoppolato, who will also make a photo shooting with the jewels of the awarded artist.

A catalogue of all the artworks will be issued and each participant will receive a complimentary copy.

All techniques and materials are allowed.
Maximum size is 24 x 24 cm ( 9,5 x 9,5 inches).
A panel of experts will select the best three jewels.
Each artist can submit one or two pieces of artwork inspired by the theme of the contest: only one will be selected.

Access to the selection is free. The contest is open to all jewel designers and the entries have no restrictions on style, design or choice of jewelry item.

Participation Fee
The Participation Fee will be paid by the artist ONLY if selected by the jury.
All the detailed information about the participation fee as well as the arrangements for the payments will be communicated upon request.

Key Dates
July 20, 2022, deadline for completed and signed application form submission.
July 22, 2022, the finalists will be notified via e-mail.
July 26, 2022, deadline for the first payment.
September 09, 2022, deadline for the second payment.
September 09, 2022, deadline for the delivery of the item.

More info
For more information please send your inquiries to or specifying on the subject “INFORMAZIONI PREMIO INCINQUE JEWELS”
The auditorium..
The auditorium.

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