Open Call for Preziosa 2020. Florence Jewelry Week

Open call  /  Preziosa2020FJW  /  01 Nov 2019  -  31 Jan 2020
Published: 01.11.2019
Open Call for Preziosa 2020. Florence Jewelry Week.
Le Arti Orafe
Giò Carbone
DEADLINE: 31/01/2020
Sam Tho Duong. Collier: lemitcA, 2012. Plastic, stones, nylon.. Photo by: Petra Jaschke. Awarded at: Friedrich Becker Prize 2014. Sam Tho Duong
Collier: lemitcA, 2012
Plastic, stones, nylon.
Photo by: Petra Jaschke
Awarded at: Friedrich Becker Prize 2014
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The 2020 edition of FJW is on the way: 28.05.2020 - 04.06.2020. It includes group and individual exhibitions, lectures, workshops. The objective is to explore different aspects of the creative universe related to jewellery. We invite artists, gallerists, curators to propose their own exhibition project, and/or a lecture, on the topic they want.
The program of the exhibitions will be as usual the very rich, with solo and collective installations, and will host artists of the international scene, selected by the curator based on very high-quality criteria. The list of artists is still incomplete and the program is continuously updated. Check the current list via the Firenze Preziosa 2020​ page.

LAO offers hospitality and free participation to curators and artists.
Curators, gallery owners, artists interested in proposing their participation, and project for exhibition, lectures and workshops are invited to contact us.

Conference days are one of FJW's strengths. Artists, curators, technicians, teachers and operators of the sector will be invited, for a range of topics able to attract people with different interests.

The workshops will be held by some of the invited artists, and will be hosted in the LAO laboratories and classrooms or in the LAO premises in Palazzo Capponi/Bardi Foundation.

The collateral events can be organized by LAO, or proposed by the project partners, so as to complete and enrich the program.
Check the partners' list via

One of these events will be the re-edition of the Piazza degli artigiani, a day during which craftsmen of various disciplines are invited to give a public demonstration of their mastery.

Keywords for FJW 2020:
Florence Jewellery Week is a cultural event entirely dedicated to the complex relationship between artistic research, craftsmanship, design and new technologies. 
- Connecting worlds - Artistic research, cultural identity.
- New competencies, new skills. The role of innovative technologies in contemporary crafts.
- Wisdom and patience in traditional jewellery.
- Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste: the jewellery senses.
- Ethical jewellery.

Key dates:
31.01.2020: The last day to send a proposal.
28.05.2020 - 04.06.2020: Preziosa 2020. Florence Jewelry Week dates.
Exhibitions may have a longer duration, depending on the availability of the exhibition spaces and the artists. 

About participation:
FJW is not a commercial initiative, and therefore there are no participation fees for artists and curators.
- Artists invited directly by FJW: the costs for shipping the items to and from Florence are borne by the organization.
- Exhibitions proposed by gallery owners and curators: the conditions will be established from time to time.
- All the artworks will be covered by appropriate insurance for the whole period.
- No monetary compensation is provided for the lectures or for the curating of exhibitions: selected artists and curators will be our guest for at least 3 days, and a travel expense contribution is also provided.
- According to the choice of the artist/curator, the objects can be sold or not.
- The organization adds 30% on the artist's/gallery price.

About application:
Information to include in your proposal:
- Full name of the person proposing the project;
- Name of the curator if different from the proposer;
- Qualification/description of the proposer (artist, designer, craftsman, curator, gallery owner, association, etc.);
- Type of project (personal exhibition, collective exhibition, lecture, workshop, performance, etc);
- Description of the project, if possible with images (concept; description of the installation; space necessary for, need of showcases or not, presence of a person in charge of the exhibition for the whole period of the exhibition or not; number of objects that will be exhibited; description of the objects: dimensions, materials; value of objects. Will the objects be on sale or not? Finally, all kind of useful information to understand the quality and needs of the project).

Please send your proposal to Giò Carbone,