Open Call for Radical Pavlova 2019. A one night only event

Open call  /  08 Jul 2019  -  04 Aug 2019
Published: 08.07.2019
Open Call for Radical Pavlova 2019. A one night only event.
Laila Marie Costa, Anna Gray
DEADLINE: 04/08/2019

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Radiant. Radical. Rad. Pavlov. Pavlova.
TempContemp has so many reasons to celebrate this September 14. First and foremost, we will be celebrating the fabulous exhibition from In Dialogue, part of the Radiant Pavilion festival program. TempContemp will have just turned 1 year old! And it’ll finally be Spring. For our In Dialogue Closing party - we want to celebrate the return of Spring in full glory, with a one-night mini festival of jewelleryness!
It’s all about the event; it’s all about jewellery as connection, performance, social conduit, code conveyer and icebreaker. It’s about celebrating the celebration of jewellery and object that is Radiant Pavilion. It’s about the power of an arts event to bring like-minded people together, and make new connections! It’s about attracting attention to what we do, via an explosion of energy and experimentation!

So we hail you: our local and visiting crew of jewellers and artists unafraid to delve into the jewellery realm, to invite you to send us a proposal for your own one-night-only, ‘jewellery’ festival experience creation! 

Space is the kitchen/common area of NorthCity4. The roller door and marque will be up (weather permitting) and there is a small car park area out front.

Could you be a walking gallery for a night? Would you like to dole out hugs as a form of necklace? Do you want to engage in deep philosophical (with a little tongue in cheek) conversation about bling bling and the supra-ficial? Do you want to dance or sing a jewellery piece? Do you want to bring the bling to deck out the TempContemp marquee? Or decorate the assembling crowd? Do you just want to dress up in all the finest contemporary jewellery you can find to show us how it’s done? Project images on our walls? Hang a giant mobile? We will consider all through space will dictate the parameters.

Send us your EOI for a one off, on your person, jewellery event with a festival spirit and the joy of renewal, or radiant exhaustion! We want lots of you - we want to celebrate!

And yes, there will be pavlova for all.

Key dates:
4th of August 2019, Sunday: Deadline to apply.
13th of August 2019, Tuesday: Notification of outcome.
14th of September 2019, Saturday 6 pm - 9 pm: Exhibition date.

For enquiries, please email

Golden shower, kitchen area..
Golden shower, kitchen area.

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The outdoor area, the marque and parking space..
The outdoor area, the marque and parking space.

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The roller door is up, bbq in background..
The roller door is up, bbq in background.

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Insecurity Guards in the gallery..
Insecurity Guards in the gallery.

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